Top 15 Diner and Breakfast Franchises of 2022 (Updated Ranking) (2023)

This annual list of the best breakfast and dinner franchises was revised and updated on February 16, 2022.

Breakfast was an emerging trend in the restaurant world before the pandemic. A rise in consumer spending and increased travel meant more people were buying groceries out of the home. Diners and breakfast restaurants benefited from customers who wanted something less complicated to fill them up rather than a fine dining experience. It was as much about getting a good meal before work as it was about finding the best place to eat, and many companies wanted to get involved.more than 40% of restaurants in regions like the US offer breakfast options. there sectorgrew 5% in the five years to 2020, and it was worth itnearly $12 billion in the US in 2019. currently employsmore than 180,000 people in more than 9,300 companies.

With many diet plans emphasizing the importance of protein, the traditional breakfast works well for modern consumers, with cooked breakfasts stuffed with meat and eggs, or porridge and other dishes loaded with nuts, grains and seeds. For those who don't like to cook, breakfast is an easy way to get that protein and can brighten up the start of the work day with social moments. Diners also offer relaxed all-day dining. As a result,22% of consumers are most likely to visit a full-service restaurant during the 2016 than two years earlier.

Breakfast ingredients are often cheaper than dinner ingredients, resulting in better margins on breakfast menus. Fast food restaurants report revenue generationup to 15% off breakfast products. This can make breakfast and dinner menus a safer option for a new business.

Taking advantage of breakfast sales often means offering breakfast all day or at least during business hours, which many breakfasts only do in the morning or until noon. For restaurateurs, this can be an attractive schedule that allows employees to stay home with their children after school.

Breakfast menus have been hit hard by COVID-19 as the number of trips has decreased and the belt tightening that has accompanied an economic downturn. Large fast food chains reported in18% reduction in breakfast business compared to last yearin June 2020, compared to a drop of 11% at lunch and 12% at dinner. This affected breakfast restaurants and diners with particularly strong sales.from nearly $12 billion in 2019 to less than $9.5 billion in 2020, capping off a decade of steady growth.

While the economy is recovering and vaccines and government investment are creating a new kind of normal, many consumers still have little disposable income. Breakfast restaurants and eateries have seen post-pandemic growth that would have seemed dramatic at any other time.9.8% growth forecast for 2022, but that will still leave the industry value at $11.1 billion, down $900 million from three years ago. The trend is positive, but the sector has yet to recover and it is unclear when it will return to previous highs.

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One factor that helps with recovery is childbirth. Breakfast and dinner restaurants used to be limited to the customers who came to them, but third-party apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub can deliver for people who want a stack of pancakes and bacon but don't want to leave the house. This helped these restaurants during the COVID crisis as they were able to organize deliveries for their customers. It is likely to remain important in a post-COVID world as customers maintain the habits they developed during two years of lockdown.

Part of the breakfast and dinner growth has been more variety. Cereal bowls, pastries and the morning version of the lunch menu are enticing. But at the end of the day, it's the well-known breakfast classics that provide cheap, comfort food that have made the industry successful.

Best Breakfast Restaurants and Diners of 2022

1. IHOP (International House of Crepes)

IHOP (International House of Crepes)It's a well-known chain that offers all three meals a day, but is obviously best known for breakfast and pancakes. The breakfast menu is rounded out with traditional offerings such as french toast, omelettes, waffles, crepes, various egg dishes, and any breakfast accompaniment you desire.

Many locations are open 24 hours a day and franchisees have the option of choosing a traditional IHOP restaurant or an IHOP Express for non-traditional locations such as casinos, travel centers, universities and airports.

Founded in 1958 by Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin and Albert Kallis in Los Angeles, California and a franchisor since 1960, the number of locations currently stands at approximately 1,772 (compared to the previously reported total of 1,841), of which only three are businesses. . Property 102 is located outside of the United States.

2. Denny's

Denny'sIt is fondly remembered by many as a meeting point for schools, as they are always open, that is, 24 hours a day (including holidays). The all-day breakfast is a big draw, and the chain offers several variations of the Grand Slam breakfast, introduced in 1977. There are now eight unique slams on the menu – various breakfast combinations at reasonable prices. Additional breakfast options include waffles, skillets and omelettes.

A new concept alongside the traditional restaurant is The Den, a smaller, more modern restaurant that is now open on 15 college and university campuses.

Founded in 1953 by Harold Butler in Lakewood, California and franchised since 1963, the number of locations has remained relatively constant in recent years and currently stands at 1,645 (up from the previously reported total of 1,679), of which 65 are business-owned and 152 are located outside of the United States.

3. Meeting House

Huddle-Hausis a 24-hour chain of Southern restaurants open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but is best known for its breakfast options, which include five different Big House Breakfasts (mixed dishes), eight signature sweet pies ( pancakes) and stuffed hash browns, waffles, french toast, omelettes, two-egg platters, and lots of sides.

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Huddle House recently purchased the Perkins family restaurant chain.

Founded in 1964 by John Sparks in Decatur, Georgia and franchisor since 1966, the number of locations has decreased in recent years from 393 in 2012 to the current total of 307 (versus the previously reported total of 336), of which 51 companies are owned. and all are located in the USA.

4. Perkins

Perkinsis a pancake house that has menus for every meal of the day, but is often thought of primarily as a breakfast chain, offering pancakes, omelettes, french toast, Belgian waffles, "smashers" (a bed of crispy potatoes) topped with two eggs and an assortment of meats and cheese), other egg dishes, breakfast sandwiches with bagels, baked pastries, and a variety of other breakfast items.

Perkins filed for bankruptcy in August 2019, closed some locations, and was subsequently purchased by Huddle House.

Founded in 1958 by Matt and Ivan Perkins in Cincinnati, Ohio and serving as a franchisor ever since, the number of locations has decreased in recent years from 394 in 2012 to the current total of 288 (from 290 previously reported), of which 81 are in private ownership. of the company and seven are located outside the United States.

5. Urso Negro Restaurant

black bear eateris a western chain restaurant serving old-fashioned comfort food in rustic-themed venues with lots of bear decor. Each restaurant also features a unique 12-foot bear carved from wood by Ray Schulz and murals by Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, Steve Fitzgerald and Gary Fitzgerald.

The breakfast menu is served all day and includes many of the usual ingredients including scrambled eggs, omelettes, French toast, waffles, pancakes, two-egg combos, Mexican-inspired dishes, Bear's Benedicts, lots of sides, and the Bear of the current. Pinça caseira rejected with amendments.

Founded in 1995 by Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley in Mount Shasta, California and franchising since 2002, the number of locations has increased in recent years from 53 in 2012 to a current total of 143 (from 140 previously reported). , 59 of which are owned by the company and all located in the United States.

6. The original pancake house

The original pancake houseoffers some unique breakfast creations, including Apple Pancakes (large and filled with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar), the Dutch Baby (an air-filled pancake baked with whipped butter, lemon and powdered sugar), and Danish crepes Kijafa Cherry, baked omelettes, and many other dishes, including other varieties of pancakes, waffles, crepes, egg dishes and many sides and meats.

Founded in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke in Portland, Oregon, and soon becoming a franchise, the company's website currently lists 127 locations in the United States (three fewer than those listed above), eight in Japan and three in Korea. del Sur for a total of 138.

7. Another broken egg coffee

Another broken egg coffeecatered to its target market: millennials. It bills itself as a slightly more upscale breakfast experience that "foodies" will appreciate. It also makes much of its brunch menu for that reason, though signature craft cocktails are also available. The menu is described as Southern-inspired, with all kinds of creative classics like waffles, French toast, pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs and Benedict, many of which feature Louisiana seafood and Cajun influences.

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Founded in 1996 by Ron Green in Mandeville, Louisiana and franchising since 2005, the number of locations has grown in recent years from 20 in 2012 to the current total of 75 (from 71 previously reported), of which 32 are corporate-owned. and all located in the United States.

8. Comedor Boomarang

Cena Boomarangis a 1950s-themed, full-service restaurant chain serving breakfast all day with the motto "It's not fast food, it's good fast food." The breakfast menu includes four different combo breakfast dishes, four different omelettes, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, an eggwich, and various breakfast items such as hash browns. The company's approach is to ignore all "corporate talk" and just provide people with proven core products and quality service.

Founded in 2006 by Charles Degraffenreid in Muskogee, Oklahoma and has been a franchisor ever since, the number of locations has grown from 29 in 2014 to the current total of 53 (up from the previously reported 55), of which 26 are company-owned. and they are all located in the United States.

9. He owns the grill

grilled eggsemphasizes socializing with family and friends at breakfast and lunch, from 10 am to 2 pm. in an atmosphere of southern hospitality. The menu offers a variety of Southern-style breakfast combos, as well as eight different sandwiches, eggs Benedict, nine signature omelettes, pancakes, waffles, french toast and sides like hash browns, bacon, sausage, corned beef and biscuits and gravy, grains and much more.

Founded in 1986 by Chris Skodras in Pawleys Island, South Carolina and franchisor since 2005, the number of locations has increased in recent years from six in 2012 to the current total of 47 (from 43 previously reported), including one owned by the company and all are located in the US.

10. Coffee with broken yolk

Broken-Yolker-Caféis a breakfast and lunch restaurant chain with many creative breakfast items, including Golden State Benedict (toasted muffin with grilled tomatoes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce), Tiki Toast (grilled Hawaiian flatbread with fruit), and Ranchtree Skillet (French fries with chorizo, jack cheese and fried eggs). There are six Benedicts, six health-oriented "Morning Glory" dishes (oatmeal, wrap, parfait, etc.), french toast, crepes, 10 omelets, three skillets and nine different options south of the border.

The company was founded in 1979 in the San Diego, California community of Pacific Beach and has operated as a franchise since 2009. There are currently 34 locations listed on the company's website (one more than last year), with five more locations coming soon .

11. Elmer's Breakfast Lunch Dinner/Egg N' Joe

Elmer's Breakfast Lunch Dinner/Egg N' JoeThere are two different franchise options. Elmer's Breakfast Lunch Dinner is a full-service, home-style restaurant that originally gained its reputation as a pancake house in the 1960s. Egg N' Joe launched in 2016 to offer the best of Elmer's menu in a smaller model and more compact. elegant, open every day from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Breakfast is available all day for both concepts with all the homemade items expected in a family restaurant: pancakes, french toast, crepes, waffles, handcrafted omelettes, Benedicts, skillets, half a dozen different breakfast combinations, and various seasonal breakfast items. Appetizers.

Founded in 1962 by Walt and Dorothy Elmer in Portland, Oregon and franchised since 1982, it currently has 28 locations (one less than last year), 14 of which are owned and all located in the United States.

12. Famous toaster

famous toastersfocuses on the relatively new trend centered on high-end gifts. Aiming to be a "best breakfast chain", it presents itself as upscale rather than casual. Everything is cooked from scratch every day. The menu includes six signature omelettes, five signature Benedicts, pancakes, french toast, waffles, huevos rancheros, biscuits and salsa, breakfast sandwiches, quesadillas and burritos, picadillo, macaroni and cheese, breakfast pizza and, of course, French toast. of avocado. During brunch, guests can enjoy wine pairings with select menu items.

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Founded in 2005 by Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard in Huntersville, North Carolina and a franchisor since 2013, the number of locations peaked at 31 in 2018 and has since dropped to 26, eight of which are company-owned and all located in the U.S. .

13. Das Flying Biscuit Café

Das Flying Biscuit Caféoffers many Southern-style dishes on its breakfast menu, but impressed most with its freshly baked cookies and grits. Among the other unique offerings, you'll find chicken sausage patties, turkey hash, Meggxican wrap, smoked salmon scrambled eggs and several signature omelets. More traditional offerings include pancakes, french toast and a variety of egg and meat combinations.

Established in 1993 and franchised since 2006, there are currently 22 locations (in addition to the previously reported total of 20), four of which are owned and all located in the United States.

14. Lumberjack Restaurant

lumberjack restaurantcaters to healthy meals such as 4-egg omelettes, Full Skillet, Sequoia Breakfast Club Sandwich, Logger's Breakfast Burrito, Pesto Benedict and many others. Each site features a 12-foot tall lumberjack statue, you open the front door with an ax handle and the interior of each site features rustic lumberjack decor.

Founded in 2004 by Jeff and Susan Garrett in Redding, California, and franchised since 2011, the company currently has nine locations, one of them owned and all located in the United States.

15. EggWorks e The Egg & I Familien restaurantes

it appears in online searches as a memoir published in 1945 by Betty MacDonald, a film based on this 1947 book, and this chain of breakfast, brunch, and brunch spots (named after the book). The menu is rich in egg dishes (omelettes, benedicts, frittatas, scrambled eggs), huevos rancheros, egg sandwiches, eggs and salsa, skillets and hash (all topped with two eggs), pancakes, waffles and French toast.

There used to be as many as 44 locations, but now only seven locations are listed on the company's website, all in and around Las Vegas.

An important note about our methodology

The franchises in this list have been ordered by the number of units in the franchise system. If you are a...potential franchiseeFind franchise opportunities that meet or exceed specific performance benchmarksSales, profits and return on investmentplease see this listAmerica's Most Profitable Franchise.

Top 15 Diner and Breakfast Franchises of 2022 (Updated Ranking) (6)

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