Spring training notes: Dodgers against the white socks (2023)


Julio Urías and Lucas Giolito faced the Cactus League, while Clayton Kershaw took the mountain in a fight in the morning.

Spring training notes: Dodgers against the white socks (1)VonElijah Evans | |

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Spring training notes: Dodgers against the white socks (2)

The day started with a "game B" in the back of the Camelback Ranch. This game mainly presented young lightning, but also a particularly remarkable start and other experienced arms.

While I have spent things to do for the last few days, especially in the White Sox Clubhouse, I spent this morning with the Dodgers and was able to speak to several players and even hear Dave Roberts updates about his team.were, struck and told them: "I am sure that it will be left" when asked about the owner of the opening day.

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At the end of this week I will have a piece of information that I learned from the Dodgers players, but at the moment I will address my main suggestions, especially with what I saw in the field during game B and the official.

White socks

  • The Morning B game was founded by Mike Cleverer and presented a fully composed formation of the likely league players.Homer in his first work. It was established and was able to work more effectively afterwards. He was satisfied with what he felt after the game and seems to achieve better results in his next appearance.
  • The main candidate Cylon Montgomery led the game for the white socks in game B and briefly played. He fought against Clayton Kershaw in his first one when he attacked quickly, but it was certainly a valuable experience for him to a state pitcher Kershaw.leTo put it at an early stage with the glove because he could not deal with a line against him. He settled down and later made some pleasant movements.
  • The sixth classified view of the White Sox, José Rodríguez, had a good projection in the morning fight. It is probably the basis of other field perspectives in the system, but can influence white stockings in 2024.

The view of the white socks, José Rodríguez, has just led a duo in the line of Clayton Kershaw.

- Elijah Evans (@Elijahev8)March 5, 2023
  • Lucas Giolito began for the white socks in the official game of the Cactus League.Gielito after three seasons as head of the White Sox team. He experienced a remarkable decline in speed and general command last year, which leads to a disappointing season inThe day did not start well for Gio, since in the second publication he made a great Homerun for Mookie Betts possible, he played for a quick 92 -mile ball, which he let on the plate settled well andLeaving the change. This characteristic exchange was very effective, which is a large signal forward, but the fast ball was very often in the wrong place. Better run the fast ball to have a great jumping season.

Gio receives his third K, also about changes. The majority of the damage he had suffered was in the FBS.The triple the top of the LC filling was on the bottom of the area, but at the heart of the plate.#Calcetinas Blancos pic.twitter.com/02eQIhBOOJ

- White Sox Daily (@DailywhiteSox)March 5, 2023
  • The surprise star of spring for the white socks was Hanser Alberto. It is an invitation that is not from Ester for the camp, but was impressive in spring and has the opportunity to create the list. White socks have a difficult situation in theBank, such as Alberto, Leury García and Rosy González, are all public service players for them, but it is unlikely that he will wear more than two on the list. The Dodgers and while he lost, his swing now looks better than in years.

Hanser was almost deep ...

I just lost it, but he continues to appear with a constant balance this spring.

- Elijah Evans (@Elijahev8)March 5, 2023
  • Only a refund played the whole game for the white socks when Lenyn Sosa began and ended the game on the second basis.Fighting fight was clearly on display. In his next publication against Andre Jackson, it was a way opposite the right field. With Elvis Andrus now began in the second and a large number of public service actors who fight for vacancies on the list. HeLast year leaves an incredible season in the little one and can be a useful piece in the near future.
  • Another young player who is worth recognizing the third base Bryan Ramos. The game ended on Saturday with a walk and looked good again today. We were far from playing in MLB, but on Sunday it has oneRaket from a left left and is probably one of the highest roofs of the White Sox system. He gave 22 Homer last season and had his first short taste of Double -A, where this season will probably start.

Bryan Ramos starts a single from LF to bring Pérez.#Calcetinas BlancosTrail 5-3.pic.twitter.com/PE4XHD06HN

- White Sox Daily (@DailywhiteSox)March 5, 2023
(Video) MLB Baseball Spring Training 1958 Yankees Dodgers Tigers White Sox Cardinals
  • Eloy Jiménez had a good day because he was lucky with an inner single, at which Max Munch followed in his second and last taco with a line unit for the left field.Playing, but searches for a great season and has completely broken the white socks. It is an elite refund if it is in the field and finally has to stay healthy and active.


  • The Dodgers manager Dave Roberts decided to start Clayton Kershaw in game B in the morning. Roberts said in advance that this was the best Kershaw who analyzed this spring in many years.Was very solid during his three work cards. Thershaw was with his children and his wife under the entrances and seems to be in a good mood this spring after not sure his future before he gave up the Dodgers this winter.

Colson Montgomery against Clayton Kershaw in game B.pic.twitter.com/2wemujfUr9

- Daryl Van Schouwen (@cst_Soxvan)March 5, 2023
  • The brochure of the Dodgers, Jorbit Vivas, had an impressive show in game B.Vivas in the morning, a year of 21 years in which he had an incredible first season with the children in 2021, but had returned to earth last season.He went up and went more than last season and has a lot of patience. Vivas was in the middle in his first club and then struck on the right side.Court to be very secure, and although he has reached this point, it is a name to see in the Dodgers system.
  • Eddy's Leonard is another young perspective that is worth pointing to Dodgers. He recently shaken well in his game against the Reais and smoked a line for a success in this game. The Leonard has a serious force for a kind of size,Since he achieved 15 Homer or more in the last two seasons, they will probably come to Double-A this season while working in the system.
  • On Saturday I managed to make Mookie Betts representatives in the second basisIn one field and today began not only in the second basis, but also there. Moooky began the background of first place with a great Homerun by Lucas Giolito at the second start, which he saw. A second career.he made a diving movement that they would never see from a defender. It is simply one of the best players in the game and becomes independent of the position they play.

Mookie makes it look just.pic.twitter.com/MCXULxY0ua

- Los Angeles Dodgers (@dodgers)March 5, 2023

This type of Mookie is very good, no matter where you play. Benny steals from a success.#Calcetinas Blancos pic.twitter.com/RPhCGXT0Hz

- White Sox Daily (@DailywhiteSox)March 5, 2023
  • The head of Los Angeles was Julio Urías, who played his last game before joining the Mexico team to be the ASS of his employees in WBC.There is a lot of soft contact, and although the strike material did not work, it was hardly done in four work teams. From the WBC I explained why I play four headlines today and then go to the tournament. It is one of the best weapons in baseball and willbe a crucial part of Mexico's success.

Julio urea today: 4 IP, 3 h, 1 K, 0 BB, 0 R, 49 pitches.pic.twitter.com/3VVK7ftQy6

- Dodger Insider (@Dodgerinsider)March 5, 2023
  • The player, whom I have excited after two days, looks closely at the Dodgers, is easily James Outman. I got to the club on Sunday morning and will have more about it later this week, but Outman is very safe and ready tooHelp them make way this year. It has an advanced approach and a lot of natural power because it was deep and almost again in this game on Saturday evening.Triple landed. I can't see that I do not create the list like a left handstall, which showed a lot of rough energy and a consistent balance.

James Outman is a phenomenal reimbursement. I was very sure of his balance this morning when I talked to him and was almost deep against Giolito. I wait for a great season of the debut.

- Elijah Evans (@Elijahev8)March 5, 2023
(Video) In the Field: White Sox Spring Training Week 2
  • The stars started for the Dodgers today, and Freddie Freeman started in his third and last girl.The next week goes to the WBC because he will lead an improved team in Canada this year.

Freddie's name and he will deliver.pic.twitter.com/6Ot81jrboJ

- Los Angeles Dodgers (@dodgers)March 5, 2023
  • The situation of the inner field of the Dodgers is somewhat dark, since Gavin Lux fell with a tear LCA at the end of the season. Regardless of these changes, Max Munch should serve as the third main base. In this game, Munch had some difficult movements in the third, what two internalSingles enables and a piece of spoiled with which he should deal with. Munch has experience everywhere, but he is definitely not a positive defender in third parties.Would like to recover from a difficult 2022, and his offensive return to the rails can be huge for this team.
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Spring training notes: Dodgers against the white socks (3)

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