I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (2023)

Nothing excites me more than a beauty salon promoting eyelash extensions. Still, I resisted for three reasons: my bank account is going to be drained, appointments take hours, and I'm afraid I'll never be able to wear my natural lashes again.

I love the concept of waking up with Disney princess eyelashes, the so-called DIY eyelash extensionswhipsWhen he took the stage in 2017, I was entranced. But it wasn't until years later that the launch of a drugstore brand Kiss product inspired me to finally give homemade eyelash extensions a try. the branded onesfalscaralooks a lot like Lashify but is significantly cheaper, so I knew I had to give them a try.

For a fraction of the price, could this Lashify hoax produce the same results as the original? I've tried both to see how they compare – here are my honest reviews of Lashify and Falscara and the results I got from each product.

Lashify Control Kit Review

I started Lashify so that I could form my thoughts on OG first. (He's just polite, right?)

The application

Applying Lashify is a five-step process. You prep your natural lashes with Lashify pre-cleanser, apply a compound (also known as glue) to your lashes like mascara, glue the short lash strips piece by piece to the bottom of your lashes, and secure it all together. along with a tweezers-like tool, then brush on a "glass" liquid that seals everything and removes any stickiness. If you want extra hold, you can also apply a coat of glue to the lash bands before attaching them. (If you're already thinking, "No, too much work," think again.This Mascara Amazon Reviewers Loveinstead of that.)

Did you get it all? I didn't get it until the third time I used it. However, with practice, I was able to shorten the entire process to 10 minutes. Once I learned how to position the lashes directly at the waterline of my upper eyelid, but not on it, it was a piece of cake. (

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I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (1)

Compress: Lashify Control Kit, $ 145,lashify.com

the advantages

While it took me a second to perfect my technique, I preferred Lashify over regular lashes from the start. With the strips, I was never able to place them directly on the lashes. Since Lashify is applied to the bottom of the lashes, there is not a noticeable black smear (which I always try to cover up with lots of eyeliner). The biggest difference, however, is how light they feel when they're on. I forgot I was wearing it, but it looked like I was blessed with the lashes of the Disney princesses of my dreams.

The disadvantages

As easy as they are to apply, I have had no luck keeping lashes overnight. Lashify is said to last up to seven days, which was a big draw in the first place. I have tried sleeping with them (with and withouteye mask), but I always woke up the next morning with at least one wobbly piece. I was able to leave them on for a week, but every morning I had to reapply all the loose bits instead of starting over.

It made me wonder if sleeping in lash extensions could cause unnecessary pulling on my natural lashes, especially given thepotential dangers associated with professional eyelash extensions(!!). I called to see if Lashify or similar options applied to the bottom of the tab might do any harm.Jennifer Tsai, OD, AVSP network doctor.

While she didn't advocate avoiding them entirely, both professional and at-home lash extensions have advantages and disadvantages, Tsai noted. With both, "it's possible to disrupt natural lash growth if not used correctly with extreme caution and care," she says. Ideally, alternate wear periods and give your lashes a break, she adds.

And for hygienic reasons, Tsai doesn't recommend wearing homemade false eyelashes overnight. "If you put it on the lash line, it gets trapped throughout the day (with air pollution and smog) and your eye accumulates oil and protein under the lash line. If you don't clean it thoroughly, you can kill styesblepharitis, and sometimes eye infections," he explains. These are all consequences I prefer to avoid, so my plan is to use them and always carefully dispose of them at the end of the day. (

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Kiss Falscara Review

After my conversation with Dr. Tsai, I was ready to move on to Kiss Falscara, thatit's notmeant to be used overnight anyway. While Lashify lashes are single use (but can be used for up to seven days), Falscara lashes can be reused up to three times (but you remove them at the end of each day).

I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (2)

Compress: Kiss Falscara Starter-Kit, $ 20,cvs.com

The application

The process was familiar: apply the bond, set the lashes, apply the sealer, and I was able to apply them just as easily as with Lashify. The tabs themselves seemed a bit thinner and the glue less strong, but since I didn't try to seal the hatches for a week, it wasn't a big deal. (

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the advantages

I wore them for a day and the lashes wouldn't budge even if I poked them while putting on a VR headset. (Do not ask). I went for the "elongated" style, which is long and skinny. If they were longer they would look amazing without shadow.

The disadvantages

Falscara's only major flaw is its tweezer tool, which can't curve around the eye and hold everything in place like Lashify can. I ended up getting by with my fingers and Falscara tweezers, but the process wasn't that easy.

I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (3)

I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (4)


I tried Lashify and Kiss Falscara - see how they compare (5)

the final verdict

The obvious difference between the two products is the purchase price. (Hint: BothUS$21 remover with LashifymiRemove kisses $7they are sold separately.)

Or control kit Lashifyit's $145 and includes black and clear glue, glass, two pairs of lashes, and the application tool. That's what you'd pay for professional eyelash extensions, which is what most Lashify reviews are quick to point out. Lashify also offers flexible weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly subscriptions with discounts. A monthly supply of three sets of lashes, lash prep, glue and seal would cost just over $100.

Kiss' Falscara-Starter Kitit's $20 and includes tweezers, tape, stamp, and set of tabs. However, after the initial cost of the starter kit, the two products are much closer in price. A falscara voucher and stamp is $10 and replacement tabs are $7. If you were to purchase a voucher and stamp and enough tabs for each day of the month, you would spend about $80, which should be factored in all our reviews. Fake.

In short, I plan to use LashifymiFalscara kisses for special occasions. And since I already spent the money on both, I plan on using the top tweezers from Lashify. (I haven't found any other curved tweezers that are as rounded. In that case, oops!). When I need to fill in my lashes and glue them down, I save a few bucks by choosing Falscara.

(Video) Trying out Kiss Falscara | Can this replace Lashify?!?

If you're not satisfied with traditional fakes but don't want professional extensions, both products are worth a try; which one you choose depends on how much you are willing to pay. (Or maybeTry a lash lift?)


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