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Opposites:"This is KLM. What else do you need to know?"

Advantages:“KLM is our preferred airline. An excellent full-service airline with impeccable standards.”


Advantages:"The plane"

Opposites:"No overbooking next time!"

Advantages:"The crew was nice and friendly"

Opposites:"I'm flying late"

Advantages:"Excellent aircraft and staff"


Opposites:"Headrest for people over 6ft in seats would be nice"

Advantages:"The seat was a bit uncomfortable but the staff was fantastic."

Advantages:"Friendly staff"

Opposites:“KLM lost a piece of my luggage”

Advantages:"The entertainment was incredible"

Opposites:"Seats were a bit hard"

Opposites:"Dozens of high school students are screaming and climbing into their seats, the staff did not intervene."

Advantages:"The group"

Opposites:"seating comfort"

Opposites:“We had a 4 hour delay which caused a 3am stop. So yes."

Advantages:"nice plane"

Opposites:“Unexpected stop to refuel. Delay of 2 hours Connection aborted Destination reached after delay of 18 hours"

Advantages:“The crew was very friendly, the food was delicious, the seats were comfortable and the entertainment was excellent too. I will be flying with KLM soon :)”

Advantages:"Friendly opening hours and staff"

Opposites:"Boarding needs improvement"

Advantages:"very attentive staff"

Opposites:“Only ham rolls are offered! I'm not picky and would have appreciated cheese.”

Advantages:“Friendly, efficient crew. Flights were on time, if not early.”

Advantages:“The service was excellent as always. The food was really good and the entertainment options were great so you don't get bored during the whole trip.”

Opposites:"None of our 4 checked bags arrived. Despite the long connection time (over 2 hours) in Amsterdam."

Advantages:"The service"

Opposites:"The seats"

Opposites:"Very slow service at check-in, it wasn't even available when I arrived at the airport"

Advantages:"Everything clean and well organized."

Opposites:"The flight was delayed 1.5 hours."

Advantages:"The food is great! I know I will always eat well at KLM. The staff is always very kind, professional and friendly... I always know I will be in good hands with the flight. KLM #605 from Amsterdam to OFS - --eng Please give them all your regards."

Opposites:"That didn't happen."

Advantages:"Very friendly crew who make every effort to make the trip enjoyable"

Opposites:“I traveled to Amsterdam on my first flight with KLM 27 years ago and the planes were sitting! Bad seats, bad toilets, bad screens, I'd rather not fly it."

Advantages:"Fantastic trip with friendly and helpful staff"


Advantages:"Short flight with good communication."

Opposites:"Nothing to claim."

Advantages:"The plane was clean"

Opposites:“Food was terrible, WiFi was extremely expensive (Delta had free messaging over WiFi)”

Advantages:".Very punctual with a pleasant service."

Opposites:"I can't find many mistakes in a short run!"

Opposites:"Missing swrvice lounge wheelchairs far away no food option just get klm tipique"

Advantages:"The only thing we liked was the fact that we could board our flight..."

Opposites:“I was not told that online registration is the only way to guarantee a seat. Regardless of whether you book your tickets 3 months in advance or the day before, you are not guaranteed a seat unless you register. We were not informed of this until we got to the airport and checked that we might not get our pre-booked flight due to a KLM overbooking so we had to wait and see if there were seats available at boarding. Luckily there was but we weren't sitting together Not the best start to our first holiday together as a couple We were told that if seats weren't available we would be paid to fly to another airport causing a huge delay in the would mean the only free time we would find this year and we would have to rearrange our pre booked and prepaid for the week arrangements as there was no m. Much emphasis is placed on the need to register online in advance. If someone checked in at the airport that would be more of a guarantee that they would fly with you that day, but apparently not. I'm definitely not impressed or satisfied with this part of the KLM experience. This is the only company we have had this issue with. They should make it clearer that online check-in is essential."

Advantages:"Airline Trouble"

Opposites:"Profile of Specific Customers"

Advantages:"The meal was excellent"

Opposites:"I have to pay to pay for a little more comfort"

Advantages:"Service provided by the staff"

Opposites:"The navigation of the entertainment system is not very user-friendly"

Opposites:“Without any explanation, the plane I was supposed to take to Istanbul at 11:30 am was not available. I had to wait for a small plane to arrive from Edinburgh and then wait for it to be emptied of passengers and cleaned. That meant we had over 2 hours' afternoon in Istanbul. No explanations or apologies. So I missed my next flight in Istanbul and had to buy another ticket. I can't believe air passengers are treated like this! I will be KLM Contact me when I return home after the holidays."

Advantages:"Short jump flight, expedient."

Advantages:"It was too fast"

Advantages:"Everything from pre-boarding to boarding, food and service was first class! The cleanliness of the aircraft was only surpassed by the friendliness of the crew."

Opposites:"The flight was scheduled for almost 11am but it ended up being only 9am...nothing negative except that it meant not spending that much time on board!"

Opposites:"KLM can't seem to figure out the order in which to board the plane. It should be business, priority, everyone else. Instead, they have priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Also, I'm really tired of the wrong business class." on these flights..."

Advantages:"Wider seat than most business classes"

Opposites:"Line 6 in the store is after the first 5 lines and the kitchen and bathroom. Very strange."

Advantages:"Everything: registration, crew, food, entertainment"


Opposites:"Magazines very worn and some very broken"

Advantages:"The flight was delayed due to fog, but the crew were incredibly helpful in making sure everyone got to their destination."

Advantages:"Free cupcake."

Opposites:"Nothing special."

Advantages:"The crew was very friendly and helpful."

Opposites:"The pitch is no longer a respectful pitch. I paid 32 euros for my pitch, there wasn't enough space, the man next to me kept poking me in the ribs."

Opposites:"I missed my flight because of UM"

Advantages:"The flight crew was friendly, polite and helpful."

Opposites:“Taking the bus to the plane was a bit awkward but the crew arranged it that way. When we got to the plane they had both entrances open so anyone seated near the back of the plane could board through the back of the plane It was a bit cold but I expect that on most flights.

Advantages:"I liked the legroom, I liked the crew's service, the smooth flight."

Opposites:“In both directions, up and down, I had problems with the luggage space overhead. We were allowed to take one carry-on bag and one small carry-on bag on the flight, but since we were among the bottom half of the passengers during the flight, we boarded and couldn't find a place to store our luggage and the crew had to take it away from us to store it somewhere in the back, away from our seats, so we had to wait until all passengers got off the plane to get our luggage and we were the last two passengers to get off. Unpleasant!"

Advantages:"Newer plane. Tinted windows, renovated bathroom. Very friendly crew.”

Opposites:"No boarding announcements. Limited movie selection on board. Average food. Same dessert for both meals."

Advantages:"Well, how are the delta flights?"

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Opposites:"British Airways customer service is dead! I will do everything to never fly BA again.”

Opposites:"The crew could have scolded people who didn't wear masks or didn't cover their noses. The airline could have left the middle seats open to give more confidence when flying."

Opposites:"Nothing!!! It was a great flight!!!"

Opposites:"seat size"

Opposites:"Best drink selection"

Opposites:"The seats were tolerable for an hour and a half of the flight. Anything beyond that would have been agony."

Opposites:"I wish the seats were a few inches wider"

Advantages:"Friendly, helpful and professional staff."

Advantages:"Excellent view of London captured by the pilot. Very happy with it."

Opposites:"Everything was fine except the seat, it made my throat a little sore."

Advantages:"British Airways staff were incredibly helpful."

Opposites:“British Airways delayed flight times, making the original service from Heathrow impossible. They notified justfly, the company we booked the flight with, and said the booking would be cancelled. Justfly has never done anything about it. They didn't notify them of any changes and when we got to the airport the lady on reception told us we didn't have a booking although Justfly was happy to take our money if it hadn't been for the BA people the rebooking would be Had it been via Air France I probably wouldn't have made it."

Advantages:"Departure and arrival on time"

Advantages:"Friendly and helpful staff"

Opposites:"Dirty Airplane"

Advantages:"Very friendly staff"

Opposites:"There is no free coffee."

Advantages:"No hassle and easy"

Advantages:"Check-in and crew were very friendly"

Opposites:"The luggage was slow but everything was fine. The pilot kept us informed."

Advantages:"Not much. We finally got where we wanted to be.”

Opposites:“I can't remember a closer, more uncomfortable flight. We missed the connection on the way to Paris and arrived 6 hours late. British Airways took 3 days to bring our lost luggage. They delayed the return and added 4 hours to our trip because the first plane wasn't "repairable" and they had to get replacements. They arbitrarily decide who has a lot of carry-on baggage and force you to check it at the gate at the last minute while others with the same oversized suitcases it carries on the plane Certainly no better than cheap flights and possibly worse Why pay more No more British Airways for us.

Advantages:"I was looked after very well by the staff."

Advantages:“I like flights that land in a targeted and controlled manner. This one did that. Good enough for me.”

Opposites:"Have to fly, but sometimes that happens."

Advantages:"Short Flight"

Opposites:"All the luggage was lost. It wasn't loaded onto the plane because they didn't have enough containers. The ground staff in London were polite. The luggage had to be sent to the US. The lost luggage was paid for piece by piece. There was no official car ." Complimentary drinks - even had to pay for a lemonade. No food of course. Also, the original 10 hour flight from Los Angeles to London was uncomfortable with small, crowded seats, no air vents and poor quality headphones. I was very happy for my return Going back to LA to American Airlines, I wouldn't use BA again."

Advantages:"On time arrival and departure. Courteous and efficient crew both on the ground and in the air."

Opposites:“My main complaint is that if you want a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, you have to pay a fee and you can only pay with a credit card, but only if that card is a chip and PIN card and my US card the only one is one i have. it's not. t. Yes, it's about time the US enter the current millennium and get chip and pin cards, but that's beside the point. I'm also from BA of Flew London to Seattle (part of the same trip) and the food and drink service on board was PHENOMENAL - the best I've had on any airline in years and they didn't charge me anything including alcohol - how can it be the same airline?

Advantages:"Usual Efficient BA"

Opposites:"N / D"

Opposites:“I had to make an emergency trip to London. The cost of a ticket for an hour's flight was exorbitant. $900 was a mugging.”

Advantages:"Certainly not the stewardess from Johannesburg to London on April 1, 2018."

Opposites:“I got on the plane and made the mistake of sitting in the wrong seat and putting my backpack in the overhead compartment. Realizing that my correct seat was 10 rows back in the last row, I changed clothes and left my backpack next to the first seat. Just then, I heard a woman say something over the intercom about a missing sweater. After learning that a sweater is a sweater I asked the flight attendant from the nearby airline if the sweater was a navy blue sweater like the one I had left on the roof a stewardess approached me carrying my bag with mine sweater hung up and she repeated 4 times that I was lucky because I hung the "sweater" and bag on the plane and in Johannesburg as No One had already answered! So amazed I couldn't say anything. I was just wondering why anyone would go onto the roof and start taking things off. Why? Someone would take such extreme measures and not walk down the aisle. What, asking every person on the plane, including the people in the back row? This can happen to anyone. As I didn't have a badge on my bag and live in the US it would have been almost impossible to find my bag if I had left it in South Africa! On top of that the woman went on and on and on in a very rude and condescending manner when I could only sit there in shock and wonder why she even bothered to go over and look for a hanging bag that didn't have a .tag on it . It is. Surname!!!!"

Advantages:"I got there. It was safe."

Opposites:"Entertainment system off."

Advantages:"Crew Fun Safety Briefing with Gordon Ramsey"


Advantages:"Everyone was very nice - thank you"

Advantages:“Bigger aircraft than I expected. Had I known I would have been promoted to a better seat. I was only expecting a small puddle jump so it was a nice surprise. The crew was friendly, offered food/drinks but didn't want to buy anything" .

Opposites:"The plane had screens in the seats but they said licensing agreements prevented them from offering videos, games or news on a 2.5-hour flight. The pilot said he would turn on the onboard navigation system but it never worked so not sure what happened there. Also no internet connection in their fleet yet. This is clearly a first world issue and I would still fly BA. I remember having inflight entertainment on Delta flights in the US in the early 2000s, so I don't know why premium airlines are taking so long to catch up."

Advantages:"British Airways rebooked our flights. It was easy to find out on the BA website how to claim the additional costs incurred for the rescheduled flight."

Opposites:“The flight was rescheduled 18 hours before departure. We were on holiday in Spain which meant we had to figure out how to get home from Madrid Airport with Iberia which helped but kept us very busy the whole time. When we asked for advice on how to proceed as this had never happened to us before they simply told us it was British Airways fault and had no answers for us. It took about two hours plus an extra hour for the hotel to cancel our booking in London and figure out how we would go about getting the extra night at the hotel and the extra cost reimbursed. It would have been nice if all this information had been emailed to me with the new ticket and instructions on how to claim the additional costs rather than walking and postponing our holiday".


Opposites:"Do I have to pay for water????"

Advantages:"Convenient and on time. We didn't have any food or entertainment so we can't qualify for that.”

Opposites:“After being on the runway for two hours (I understand the delay), water was unavailable for another hour after takeoff. And then it was only for sale. Is a free glass of water really too much to ask?”

Opposites:"The legroom/space offered by BA is calculated for small and petite passengers and is not acceptable. It looks like a cattle car. BA should be considerate of the actual passengers, not some sort of statistical average. I'm 6' 4" tall and Sitting in the cockpit of your plane causes body aches for hours. There is enough space for children and young people. In addition, it is extremely uncomfortable to sit in the hot cabin for a long period of time. Why isn't there sufficient cooling or ventilation from the start?

Advantages:“Boarding seemed straightforward, no zones were called apart from priority zones, we just all boarded and everything seemed to go quickly and smoothly. BA is paid for all food and beverages on board.”

Opposites:“The check-in staff refused to let us check-in our bags until 90 minutes before departure, then there were three more delays. This caused quite a scene with nearly a hundred people standing around the check-in desk waiting to be picked up your bags down." The flight, which was delayed several times, once because ground staff at Orly had not checked the paperwork for the Failed to provide flight eventually took off but cabin crew seemed confused the whole time Landing charts but we were told we didn't need them when in fact we did need them This added immigration delay resulted in missing our connecting flight !Since half the plane was changing at Heathrow, why didn't the crew suggest that those in London should wait on the plane until the connectors had a chance to disembark?

Opposites:“The cost of checking baggage was £65. We are a family of 3 so it cost £195.

Advantages:"Left in Time"

Opposites:"Food costs money and even water is not free."

Advantages:“By checking in online 24 hours before departure, I was informed about the flight delay three times, which was very convenient. I also found out what protection I enjoy as a passenger when checking in online. I had a connecting flight to mainland London. I was very pleased, including the friendliness of the flight attendants, the food, the choice of entertainment and plenty of legroom in Economy Class. Overall a nice experience!”

Advantages:"We arrived safely at our destination, which is always the most important thing."

Opposites:“There didn't seem to be as much space on international flights as there used to be. The plane never got to a comfortable temperature and we were hot all the way home. One of our TVs didn't work so it lasted over 8 hours.”

Advantages:“Good plane and fast flight from Glasgow to Heathrow. The plane had to leave late due to the weather but the pilot kept the passengers updated and got the flight time back so we were only 15 minutes late. The crew were on hand to discuss the implications for the connections".

Opposites:"There was no entertainment, but it was a small, fast plane, so I wasn't expecting anything."

Advantages:"Cover and Rest to Sleep"

Opposites:"My screen is not working"

Opposites:“There was a long delay and I queued 6 hours to change the booking. Due to the long queue to change bookings I missed many potential alternative flights that day and had to spend an unscheduled night in the Glasgow suburbs. Yes, the new reservation would have been more efficient, could have gotten home on the scheduled day.

Advantages:"Crew was friendly, food was good, TV entertainment has a lot more options now, decent legroom, smooth landing and takeoff."

Opposites:"The flight was delayed 2 hours and we had to sit on the plane for that time, they didn't do the morning snack service."

Advantages:“Hard to tell after they lost my luggage, space was tight, no leg room due to electronics box under the seat so the person in front of me decided to sit back fully on a 12 hour flight. So I lost my luggage and I had a smelly stranger laying on my lap for practically 12 hours.

Opposites:"They forced me to check my suitcase in even before I got on the plane and they said there was no space. Then they lost my suitcase. The worst thing I did was listen to the lady at the ticket counter! Also the way they get in. They are a total joke. They only cater to first class passengers. Otherwise, it's free for everyone! Terrible, even Southwest has more organization! Sputhwest may not have assigned seats, but they are much more organized and considerably cheaper. how do you lose someone Baggage, British Airways?!?!?!!!"

Opposites:"Everyone was terrible"

Advantages:“Everything was fine…cabin crew, pilot updates, seat comfort. Staying hydrated is a well known health fact. Why BA doesn't offer free water came as a shock to me. Yes, a friendly butler allowed me to provide tap water, but I find it appalling that the corporate office is doing this. They consider the health of customers to be important.”

Opposites:“Hand luggage is too big for regional aircraft. Size restrictions need to be more strictly enforced.”

Opposites:"The boarding process was a bit messy. The ads needed to be clearer. Also all the old IFE movies."

Advantages:“He left/arrived on time”

Advantages:"The cost of three tickets was better quoted with their service than BA direct."

Opposites:“The plane had no food on board due to some difficulties. They offered meal vouchers at the gate once we landed. This never happened. It could have been useful as I was traveling with my two children. Heathrow is expensive for breakfast."

Advantages:"N / D"

Opposites:"I am not canceling this flight and 5 other flights."

Advantages:"N / D"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed twice. There are always delays"

Advantages:"Stay informed about the delay"

Opposites:"The plane was delayed 3 hours so I booked another flight with another airline."

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Opposites:"I think all airlines are losing the idea of ​​offering free tea or coffee."

Advantages:"The EasyJet crew is always great, friendly and welcoming."

Opposites:“The flight from Paris to Luton is almost always delayed. There are no delays in the flight schedule, so any morning delay continues into the evening.”

Opposites:"40 minute delay on departure as Stanstead Airport is unable to allocate a normal landing time before departing Glasgow."

Advantages:"The flight arrive on time for the first time"

Opposites:"This flight is ALWAYS TOO LATE"

Opposites:"Restricted and late menu"

Advantages:"The crew was good. Friendly and hardworking throughout the flight."

Opposites:“Antalya check-in opened late, was very disorganized and seemed unable to cope with a relatively small aircraft. Not Easyjet's fault, but Antalya is very bad, similar to airports on Greek islands. The flight was delayed about 2 hours.”

Advantages:"Comfortable new plane. Good crew. The captain is willing to stand in front of the passengers and explain why the flight was delayed and offers the opportunity to visit the cockpit - a very human face."

Opposites:"The fight was over an hour late, but hey, it's happening."

Advantages:"Helpful staff"

Opposites:“First we didn't have any seats because the plane had a shorter row than reserved so we had to wait. It turned out there were 3 seats left in the last row so my son was able to get a window seat for the second time in Or ar."

Advantages:"Fast Boarding"

Opposites:"Flight has been moved from 2040 to 2230"

Advantages:"Your friendly service was excellent"

Opposites:"Legroom can get me off your big airline"

Advantages:"Boarding was quick, the flight was smooth, the captain kept us informed throughout the flight, the cabin crew were friendly and polite."

Opposites:"Although my attention to detail is obvious, I don't call Heathrow/City/Gatwick so I accepted an offer when I saw it. On my return flight I discover it's London Luton, not one of the 3 REAL London airports.' .

Advantages:"The flight itself was quite fast and the onboard staff were very friendly."

Opposites:“We boarded very early but the plane hadn't arrived and they made us wait in an aisle, we boarded around 9:30 when we were supposed to depart at 8:55, we are almost an hour left later than planned (9:45 am). , which made a huge difference and unfortunately we missed the train to Luton and the last tube in London."

Advantages:"Friendly staff"

Opposites:"Delay. No flight service."

Advantages:"The crew and the overall flight experience was enjoyable"

Opposites:"3 hours late! Also, few people got a €5 voucher (for food/drinks) but most of us didn't know about it."

Advantages:"The staff is always friendly and cheerful"

Opposites:"More uncomfortable aircraft than usual. CDG scoreboards are rarely updated. This flight is almost always delayed."

Advantages:"The staff was very helpful and friendly."

Opposites:"The food wasn't great but it was good value as it wasn't the end of the world"

Advantages:"Reasonable price. On time - we actually left early"

Opposites:"Passengers tend to board slowly as they are not frequent travelers"

Advantages:"That he was on time, something unusual between Charles du Gaulle and London"

Advantages:“We took off on time and had a very smooth takeoff and landing. There were no problems with easyJet on this flight.”

Opposites:"As usual, there's not a lot of legroom unless you're willing to pay extra."


Opposites:"That was horrible. 2 hours late. Good memory because I usually never fly them."

Advantages:"Nothing special to mention"

Opposites:"There was no place for the luggage over our head, we had to leave our luggage in another place away from our seats and the crew should help us quickly to get it, but no, we had to remove it ourselves and later wait to the end" . All other passengers have already exited the plane. It wasn't fair to us when we sat next to the exit and had to wait anxiously. How embarrassing!"

Advantages:"The cabin crew made every effort to sound cheerful and efficient."

Opposites:“One word: HARD. No information about the delay, we were stuck for 2 hours without snacks and tired children, a large part of whom were waiting outside the terminal to board the plane. The staff didn't bother to say anything, didn't know you're welcome, no help offered, no refreshments or food and only a few benches to sit on (that was the covered walkway outside the terminal building which didn't provide any protection from the heat bot). EasyJet proves it once again it really can be worse than Ryanair!"

Advantages:"He brought me home."

Opposites:"Late check out. Limited legroom.”

Advantages:"The pilot speaks very clearly about the flight, the weather"


Opposites:“For the second year in a row, the boarding process at Lyon airport was a joke. They try to board 3 flights at the same time with only 2 people checking passports. This leads to a huge queue and delays on all flights.”

Advantages:"Even though there was a delay, the staff was as friendly and helpful as could be. They kept us informed at all times. Boarding was very quick. The flight crew was very friendly and they themselves were late and working overtime." for us".

Opposites:"4 hours or more delay - they will ask for compensation and I hope they do the right thing and don't cause problems with compensation."

Advantages:“9:45pm flight cancelled, announced 3 hours later, no meals, lodging or transport provided. Ground staff not informed. Airport closed at 11pm, no refund offered by lei so £250 + all accommodation costs + legal costs I've also heard from the people on the coast that this is systematic.

Opposites:"NOT! This is the first and last time I've flown with these crooks."

Advantages:“The assigned seating system saves you having to come on board to claim your seat. Boarding the plane used to be quite chaotic.”

Opposites:"The long wait to get on our plane, especially when it was so hot and muggy."

Opposites:“If you don't check in before arriving at the airport, they will sell your already bought ticket to someone else. This happened to me and I had to buy a one way ticket with British Airways at double the price of the original round trip ticket. EasyAir return." I didn't even try to help."

Advantages:"Nothing, I'm not sure for me, the passenger, because of the delay. I got the information via SMS that it stopped after a while, luckily I managed to check it on the website. Have themselves times changed? half the cost of a muffin and a drink!"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed four hours but we were told to check in early! So we had to wait at the airport the whole time. Nice airport was a disaster, again no signage, Gate B difficult to find! The floor That Staff was vague AND unhelpful. They should have provided us with bottled water and a decent meal! They didn't make any announcements just put the gate number on the board! Later they did one for fast boarding! Some had ice on them and did My card is charged in pounds instead of €. No warm reading. Card machine doesn't work.

Advantages:"The staff was friendly and helpful. The flight went smoothly.”

Opposites:"Late check out. Ham sandwich not worth 8 euros plus water 2.5 euros for a small bottle.

Advantages:"Online booking and check-in saved a lot of time. The process from checking luggage to boarding was smooth and hassle-free. It's what I need for a short flight. I will recommend it to my brother when he and I , his wife, to travel to Europe at the end of this year"

Opposites:"I didn't have time so I contacted the airport counter staff for luggage storage, the information provided was not complete. Luckily I found some time to check in online, I saved €€€ on luggage storage. Also, ignore the review too Food and entertainment, there was none. Overall experience was good enough for my short flight.”

Advantages:"I flew on one of the newest aircraft, a new Airbus A320"

Opposites:“Disorganized crew on duty, several sandwich options sold out. It took 40 minutes to reach line 8. Some crew members focused on service but did not achieve the efficiency they were aiming for, and some seemed more engaged in talking than service.”

Advantages:"Short and fast flight that saved me a lot of time"

Opposites:"A Ladder Walk in Belfast"

Opposites:"Slow boarding. About half a dozen passengers quickly, and instead of letting everyone else through after the passengers were done, they kept sorting people into a single file until the staff noticed we were running late and started using both registration scanners. "

Advantages:“I travel regularly between Luton and Paris. Easyjet team is always happy and professional, on this flight Christopher and Sarah. Your welcome is genuine and the warmth of your hospitality is maintained throughout the flight, as is the case with many of your colleagues. I ordered hot food which was no more than good but as expected and served quickly on the short flight. The range of drinks and snacks is good, and it's worth checking the deals on boutique items. The flight It was comfortable right away. "

Opposites:“It seems that too often the overall experience is marred by inconsistent service levels from support services at Luton Airport (which I believe is operated by Menzies). On several occasions I've waited a bit for the arrival of steps, and yesterday it was availability by bus to take passengers to the terminal building. It's like there's a flaw in the overall organization that isn't directly Easyjet's fault, but that is their base of operations. So you would expect Easyjet to have some impact. The delay isn't severe this time, but it just detracts from a pleasant experience."

Opposites:"Retarded, Overzealous Ex-RAF Security Guys"


Opposites:“There are no elevators to get on the planes. With luggage on board, a stroller and a baby, the stairs are very difficult and there is no one to help.”

Advantages:"Check in/security was very efficient and smooth especially at Gatwick. Return flight was delayed but time was made up and information was good."

Advantages:“I didn't rush to get on the plane, I waited to the end. It makes no sense. They assigned me seats anyway. I got on the plane without any problems.”

Opposites:"Legroom!! Either my legs have grown or these seats are getting closer!!"

Advantages:"Flighted both ways on time. Only a 25 minute flight so can't say much more."


Opposites:"The seats are very uncomfortable... the staff is rude"

Advantages:"Edinburgh Airport facilities. No waiting time at security. Water dispenser after security."

Opposites:"Plane was delayed almost 1 hour. No information until 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, even though I signed up for text notifications when booking the flight. Bus boarding and only 1 flight of stairs. Passengers with children under 5 years old announced boarding first, but it there's no getting through the disorganized crowd of waiting passengers."

Opposites:"Bad experience! I missed a very important meeting! Flight from LTN to CPH (EZY2445). Flight was scheduled to depart at 7:00am. When we boarded at 6:40am, we were told we were not scheduled 7:30 am, (then why did we get on?) and then when the plane is almost on the runway for takeoff, one of the crew decides to mention that he's sick, so we have to go back, two points here: 1. if she is ill why didn't she call 2. she didn't know she was ill 640-730 in the morning so we go back to the gate it takes a good 10-15 minutes for her to leave and a new cabin crew to arrive ( not to mention it looked good, I mean probably sick, but sick to get the plane back off the runway - no I'm so sure.) After that the plane apparently needed refueling because we were going to the runway and back in drove. Now that's a little worrying.. The Tats ache that we only flew to the runway and back and the plane used more fuel in reverse. What would happen if we had this? extra minutes in the air waiting for air traffic? just a thought... Okay, well, that's all happened. And guess what: we still have to wait 45 minutes to take off! At this point it was very clear that I would miss my meeting as it was now 9am. After all this, a passenger sitting next to me asked if we could at least get a complimentary coffee or tea, to which he initially received a NO as the flight must be delayed AT LEAST 3 hours before we can catch him. I had to make noise for them to say ok let's ask the captain opp team air traffic control ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡"¡¡) Overall a terrible experience and a very important one Missed meeting. Will reconsider my choice of airline going forward."

Advantages:"Professional and Safe"

(Video) How To Get Cheap Flights! 10 Tips and Tricks

Opposites:"Best boarding (very long lines)"

Advantages:"It's a case of what I didn't like. When you fly on a budget, expect only surprises. The fine print is terrible clauses and you never know when they're going to get you. Today WIZZ AIR charged me £25 I was unwilling to miss my flight W61301 from Warsaw to Luton despite disagreeing with the charges. There is a degree of unfairness in these improvised and additional charges. It was an easy destination and while I had no issues with the flight and the service provided, I will not recommend @wizzair. I thought the additional fee was a scam."

Opposites:"WIZZ Air has to be sensible. I traveled from London to Warsaw with no problems and they gave me problems on the way back."

Advantages:"Good airport. Flight on time.”

Opposites:“Priority boarding was never announced, too many people were late for the flight causing delays. Much less than the minimum legroom required for a normal human. He sat up straight and the front seat sank to his knees for three hours From the cheapest ticket but absolutely no frills, no food, no entertainment, limited luggage. Wizz Air's mobile app barely works when needed (for boarding passes etc.) to fly on my lap as there is no space under the seat either.

Opposites:"I had priority and my companion, who didn't have priority, was on the plane first! My suitcase was miles away from me (resulting in departure delays) because there were no vacancies next to my seat! After the bus took us to the plane, the team wouldn't let us use one or the other entrance (I was 37th!) It was chaos!

Advantages:"Everything went according to plan and we were very satisfied"

Advantages:“Clean plane with good staff on board. The flight took off on time and arrived early. Overall good value for a low cost airline.”

Opposites:“Wizz is a little messy in checked baggage, messy overhead. I don't like random seat assignment unless you want to pay the high price for assigned seats.”


Advantages:"Punctuality, cabin crew, ease of boarding and the number of bags I could take with priority boarding"

Opposites:“My seat hadn't been properly cleaned before I got there and if I hadn't done it myself I would have had someone else's chocolate on the seat of my pants. Also, the bathroom floor was so very dirty that I would have rolled up my pant legs so they don't get wet when I need to go to the toilet.

Advantages:“The hosts and receptionists were very polite and accommodating.”

Opposites:“The flight was delayed an hour which meant we missed a connecting bus ride. Seating is very limited and cramped, I felt very uncomfortable in the chair as my knees were pressed against the back of the front seat. I'm 6 years old '1" m 1" which is tall but not that tall. Larger people may not be able to sit in the seat. There was a problem with the website so we couldn't check in online and tried to change our flight a few days. before but the website didn't work again, we tried calling a call center whose number was there, it didn't work."

Opposites:"I don't have WizzAir in my life anymore, it's even worse than Easyget or Raynair, even if you have a carry-on bag you still have to check it in, you can't take it on a plane anymore. Really disappointing and not that cheap, like you think." £90 each way from Kiev to Luton is too much."

Opposites:“Not even a shame for a 5 hour flight! They ran out of food and then wanted to charge £3.50 for a coffee when they ran out of food. The staff was not friendly at all.”

Advantages:"Good crew, good seats"

Opposites:“Expensive Checked Baggage Scam”

Advantages:“I was able to use your app to download my boarding pass so I didn't have to look abroad for a place to print my boarding pass, boarding was smooth, flight was good and crew was nice, seat was comfortable So overall I was happy with everything. Thank you for a good experience."

Opposites:"Everything was good"

Advantages:"Good legroom and comfortable seats"

Opposites:"Couldn't check in online. I got to the airport and they told me I can't fly because it was fully booked. I'm still here in Macedonia. They couldn't bring me back until Tuesday at the earliest. Absolutely disgusting, irritating!"

Advantages:"Not really"

Opposites:“Staff took too long to board because they were obsessed with scalping people who exceeded baggage allowance. No free stuff on board, no entertainment, seats were uncomfortable too.”


Opposites:"Additional cost. £35 for checked baggage"

Opposites:“I didn't pre-register because I needed a code when logging into the airline. I didn't have the code because I was checking emails from the booking office and the airline when it was sent (as I found out later). under a different name. This one turned out to be £30 for check in one way and 40 euros for the return. Same problem behind the plane on the return and then the flight was over so some people have twice ate while when I got to my hotel they had stopped serving food and I hadn't eaten at the airport and asked for boarding passes".

Advantages:"Fly direct to the desired airport."

Opposites:"Little space. Legroom and hand luggage (must stay on hold). Family of four not sitting together. Change in cabin pressure made child sick (my phone has a pressure sensor and I could see the pressure change triggered the urge to vomit.) It has to be a slower transition.”

Advantages:"The flight was delayed. I missed my train back to Ipswich. The long journey home was late at night.”

Advantages:"2 hours delay. Not much to do. Overall flight was good, 3* only for the delay."

Opposites:"2 hours delay. Not much to do. Overall flight was good, 3* only for the delay."

Advantages:"Pilot Flew Well Cup Noodles available for purchase"

Opposites:"More than 1 hour delay No information from the team or crew (only an apology from the pilot) They were left waiting in several places, including outside the aircraft. No updates of any kind on the departure and arrival forecast."

Advantages:"Quick boarding, smooth takeoff and landing"

Opposites:"On night flights you wake up to be served drinks and the pilot gives you the flight details. Great during the day but prefers privacy at night!"

Opposites:"Standing on the bus an hour before boarding instead of telling him he's 90 minutes late for his flight."

Advantages:“The staff and the flight were excellent. Can't fault anything.”

Opposites:"Nothing I don't like."

Advantages:"Fastest check-in and check-out on BUD and LTN in a long time and super nice flight attendant."

Advantages:"Price and schedule. Arrive on time with no delays. Good value for money."

Opposites:“Very strict on baggage policy”

Advantages:"Very friendly staff."

Opposites:“I never noticed when I made my booking that online check-in was required, so I had to pay a €35 penalty for airport check-in. Also, on the way back, we had a long delay from Luton to Kosice without informing us about this delay and the reasons, the estimated flight time..."

Opposites:"A B C"

Opposites:“The black group appeared to have been chosen to carry more than one carry-on bag, but others were not. They were the only black group on the plane. Others certainly missed more luggage.”

Advantages:"Cabin crew and pilot did their best"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed and landed in Birmingham instead of Luton as Luton was closed at midnight."

Advantages:"The staff was nice! The app for travel is good."

Opposites:"Announcements a bit muted. A delay left us waiting on the bus for a good half hour which was quite uncomfortable and the plane was very hot under the seat which I think is a sneaky way of getting you to pay for boarding fast."

Advantages:"Arrived a bit late"

Opposites:“They got my friend to pay £35 more than the asking price for a suitcase with 5 cameras. However, many other passengers did not have to pay. Pure discrimination bad professionals”

Opposites:"I arrived at the airport 2 hours before departure, I didn't know that you can't check in at the airport and you have to pay 30 euros for it. The treatment and attitude of the check-in staff was rude, they were short and rude The staff member, The person in charge of collecting the check was incredibly slow, there were 4 people in line including me and it took him 40 minutes to collect the 30 euros which I almost missed due to mistreatment."

Advantages:"Absolutely nothing"

Opposites:"The fact that they have a small cabin bag (free) or with a 7cm difference in width a 'large cabin bag' which I paid £19 for on my outward journey. on my outward journey from London, the receptionist at the inn informed me that I didn't have to pay the large carry-on allowance and was told I should have bought it online, instead I would have to buy it at the airport from a premium. No, I will fly with Wizz Air again."

Advantages:"New Plane"

Opposites:"The boarding was terrible. The flight was delayed."

Advantages:"We arrived safe and sound"

Opposites:“They said our suitcase was too big even though we paid for a large carry-on bag that we already knew would fit in the overhead compartment (the plane was an Airbus A320). until we were told to combine our personal item with our large carry-on and then we were told it was too big. Instead of crediting us for the amount we had already paid (€20), they charged the full checked baggage fee of €55. The gate worker was also very rude and incompetent in his job which caused us to be delayed in getting off the plane. Exceptional customer service might have included a refund of the high carry-on fee. Call the airline offer. We will no longer fly Wizz Air and we do not recommend this airline."

Advantages:“He was very good at boarding, fast and efficient (to/from).”

Opposites:"Such a loud flight. I have never flown on such a noisy flight. An absolute nightmare! The children screamed and squealed and the parents could not handle the situation that all the passengers were watching. The crew didn't ask if they needed help..."

Advantages:“The aircraft and the crew, from the pilots to the flight crew, are perfect. We were kept updated at all times as the take off was flawless and the landing at London Luton was the best we have ever had as you usually land and then you get heavier to catch the W6 4503 pilots on the 23rd. Slowing down August 2017 is a credit to their company as they landed without the extra hard braking you usually get. These pilots should teach the other pilots in their company how the two pilots did this and even teach other airline pilots the same thing IT WAS A VERY SMOOTH LANDING Give the pilot a commendation or an award as I use these pilots on every one of my flights in the future would like to have the highest award they can receive please tell your bosses and business owners that too, añía so maybe if you call them at the office about something PLEASE GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR PERFECT. LANDING MORE THAN A CREDIT TO YOUR BUSINESS as I dared this ion to force a perfect landing.

Opposites:“I was in the middle seat 24B which was very tight because the seat is so small and the backrest so low, not enough room for your knees, no chance of sleeping as you can't sit comfortably enough as you don't once can sleep. on the tray, children screaming around me, people behind me kicking to move my seat, people in front of me talking very loudly in bulgarian. in line two people jumped out of line at check in 1 second man tell him we were waiting he can't skip the line and go to the end of the line and a guy went straight to check in 1 before the Check ins 2 and 3 opened and packed his bag and a large group of people with strollers etc didn't even show up in the list in track 1 where many were sorted out well before we queued when they showed up and got there . The information on board was in Bulgarian, not English, just a very small thing in any way."

Opposites:"I will never choose Wizz's not the first time I've had to pay more for a bag...but it always happens in Hungary, not London."

Opposites:"Flight delayed from tlv to luton and from luton to tlv."

Advantages:"The flight arrived on time, unlike the outward journey which was delayed by a little less than 2 hours."

Opposites:“The staff on the ground were very rude. Tried to charge me for carry-on but put a small luggage label on when I didn't reply. The seats don't recline, so most people slept on the fold-down tray as a pillow.”

Advantages:"The ground staff in Varna was a thousand times better than in Luton. Excellent flight and service... even an hour late."


Advantages:"We landed in One Piece"

Opposites:"I didn't get my registration details online, so I couldn't register. I was abroad so I was looking for the details they should have provided do list I just found out I had to check in online and they didn't give me those details when I arrived at the airport. I was put on hold for 30 minutes before the issue was resolved and I received my check-in details online but now it was too late to check in online (within 5 minutes) The flight was delayed due to a Number of things: late arrival, slow boarding of the plane, non-sedentary people boarding the plane and getting out of the taxi This resulted in the plane landing late and I miss my connection (train), so bear with me last basically didn't give the right details about the flight and the flight was delayed and tripled my way I'm going home."

Advantages:"Good team and good flight"

Opposites:"It was a bit difficult to check the bag online after the initial check-in..."

Advantages:"I use Wizzair very often. The flight is always good. The pilots and crew are very experienced. So when there is turbulence there is still confidence in the crew. It's very foggy and cloudy in London today. Very good landing in these bad conditions. I want to thank the whole crew team.”

Opposites:"Turbulence. It's sad that Wizzair charges too much for large hand luggage (especially on public holidays, the price of bags is different than other months), but other companies like Easyjet and Ryanair allow one large and one small bag for free Plank."

Advantages:"Terrible company never books with them"

Opposites:"No hand luggage! Regular luggage is the most expensive on the market! No customer service! Bookmark and don't book"

Advantages:"The trip took less than it should have. Amazing service"

Advantages:"Flight on Time"

Opposites:“I had to pay 50 euros for luggage. Be aware that unless you have a child's bag, you will have to pay for luggage. Patience and understanding would have been good. The seats are the smallest of any regional airline, not my first choice of airline I will be traveling next time."

(Video) How to Book Cheap Flights in 2023 | (11 Flight Hacks you NEED to try!)

Advantages:"Low price"

Opposites:“Late boarding and 20 minutes delay in take off, no staff to greet the plane when it landed in Stansted for 40 minutes so I missed the train I booked which cost more than the return flight to get my train ticket to renew."

Advantages:"Inconvenience to everyone, no excuse for delaying flight like the turtle!"

Opposites:"Prepare me in time!! Please, although I reserved more time for the next plan, it was delayed due to the delay."

Opposites:"RYanair is always late (1h30 late check-in, 2h late check-out), this company is a disgrace"

Advantages:"Smooth entry friendly staff"

Opposites:"Flight delayed 1.5 hours. Delay 1 hour at the gate. Waiting at baggage claim 1.5 hours. Very disappointing"


Opposites:"Long delays, poor communication, priority boarding mean nothing when we're all crammed into the same bus and there's a mess on the stairs to the plane."

Advantages:"The captain (pilot) and crew were friendly and helpful"

Opposites:"2 hr 30 min delay with no air conditioning on board. I was with my son (7 weeks old) and didn't have enough breastfeeding space or fresh air to withstand the heat."

Opposites:"It was one of the worst flights I've ever done. No information, no updates, no announcements until 15 minutes after departure. No ground staff except for a lady who worked for the airport who was incredibly rude and unhelpful when they loaded the flight from Dublin through the same gate we were supposed to be flying from and they put them on the buses we did held her there for 10 minutes, got her off the buses and put her back on the buses it was an absolute joke, the cabin crew was slow, again no information. They just stood around looking useless and talking, ignoring the passenger call lights. We landed in Stansted and they couldn't open the door because the ground staff "couldn't find the key". to keep us on the plane for another 10 15 minutes without air conditioning. Terrible experience, never going back, I wanted to book with Ryanair."

Advantages:"We have arrived safely"

Opposites:“There was a delay in boarding, but none of the five gate staff told why. I also bought priority boarding but we weren't cut off from the crowd.”


Opposites:“There was no staff at Treviso airport to help. There were 5-6 flights of people crammed into a small hold that could barely hold 2 flights of people. It was an unbearably crowded condition with 2 airport staff not responding when asked for anything. We found that the flight was very late, there was no staff to take our claims to our EU261 rights and we received our meal offers 1 hour and 25 minutes late, which undermines our rights.”

Opposites:"Flight delayed by 2 hours!"

Advantages:"Very little"

Opposites:"Flight was delayed 1h40, seats were cramped, takeoff and landing uncomfortable, Ryanair's policy of enforcing checked baggage, Ryanair's intimidation tactic of seating passengers separately even when tickets were booked and booked together, basically everything, what Ryanair has done.”


Opposites:"1 hour flight delay 1 hour landing delay due to ground crew unavailability Another horrible travel experience with Ryanair - they should not be allowed to operate an airline"



Advantages:"Disembarkation at Stansted was quick and passport control was easy."

Opposites:“Toulouse airport has terrible facilities. The gate building you are taken into with promises of bars and shops actually only had a small concession stand selling horribly expensive drinks. There was no air conditioning and it was hot. 30 degrees there, no water source forced to refill water bottles, so forced to buy expensive water. The plane landed 2 hours late but Ryanair staff gave little information or update on it.

Advantages:"Airspeed, Leave Plane"

Opposites:"Smelly plane, long delays, immigration and security lines"

Advantages:"The crew was friendly and helpful"

Opposites:"flight delay"

Advantages:"The flight was good"

Opposites:"Copenhagen Airport is very chaotic with signs that don't display the correct information and arriving passengers are confused with departing ones."

Advantages:"The crew was fine"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed 3 times, no information why. We had priority and were allowed down the stairs and then we were there for 10-15 minutes. We took the bus to the plane and then we couldn't." I can't get to it because there was a problem with the Escalones. I started after the last delay time. After landing we were told that the airport has no ground staff so we had to wait until the escalones and once outside we had to wait 15-20 minutes for the baggage lane to be announced."

Opposites:"Two Hours Late"

Opposites:"Unacceptable waiting time for luggage"

Advantages:"Very polite staff and took very good care of my 83 year old mother"

Opposites:"Almost 3 hours late and there is no proper explanation for the delay. Sorry but the incoming plane delay is not going away. I also had to wait almost half an hour after landing at Stansted before we could disembark."

Opposites:"After selecting a seat in the emergency exit queue, I was told I could not use my coat to cover myself while sleeping - I had to wear it or keep it in the top locker. I understand that this queue should be kept out in an emergency (as the name suggests) but I don't see much of a difference between wearing the coat and using it to cover myself. Worse, as the flight attendant told me with a cold look. I'm waiting for the day when I can positively review a Ryanair flight.

Opposites:"Worst of all low-cost airlines"

Advantages:"Your team at Plain is young, cool and I like that they text all the time."

Opposites:"Can you give the passenger a drink (coffee) as pre-approval!?"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed, Ryanair did not apologize."

Advantages:"The flight was on time, check in was easy and the flight got me from point A to B for a reasonable flight."

Opposites:“Charging for carrying carry-on baggage seems a bit unfair. As a musician, I don't want to give up my instrument, and since it's small, I don't think I should pay extra for the privilege."

Opposites:"There were supposedly 3 rows, one for priority boarding, one for the back rows of seats and one for all other passengers. But there was only one person at the gate and they would accept anyone with a boarding pass regardless of where they were coming from. This led to a lot of pushing and a complete bottleneck in goal. It was uncivilized to say the least. Very bad experience. Next time I'll try another airline, even if I have to pay a bit more."

Advantages:"cheap ticket"

Opposites:“An hour late, I have to pay for every seat now, no matter what time you check in. Boarding was excruciatingly slow and inefficient.

Advantages:"The flight crew is nice and friendly and the restrooms are very clean."

Opposites:“Too expensive for checked baggage, so everyone has carry-on baggage and not enough space on the flight. My legs were sore, uncomfortable and cramped.”


Opposites:“We had to go to three different counters to drop off our bags: one to pay, one to print the bag tag and one to drop off our bags. They also wanted to charge £15 each to print our credit card.” Boarding due to wifi not working at airports. This will be my first and last experience with this company."

Advantages:"Cheap flight. Very affordable. Easy online check-in. Clear guidelines. Friendly staff. Comfortable flight. Tips: Print your boarding pass Airport ticket, Airport baggage payment, Reserved seating option Don't expect complimentary snacks and drinks (available to purchase) Your Sky Mall Magazine will keep you entertained and swooned over (we recommend you bring your own entertainment) All of this is required to maintain these flights a very small price! It is worth it!"

Advantages:“When you pay for priority boarding you expect to get on the plane first. But you're on the bus with everyone, and since you're there first, you're among the last to get on... what's the point of paying?"

Advantages:"Price is very reasonable"

Opposites:“You have to be very careful with this airline. Although the price is really cheap, there are exorbitant fees that can double the price if you don't follow the rules. Also get on the tarmac and wait Sucked in the sun for too much time they keep trying to sell you stuff in flight which is annoying and not being able to sit together unless you pay extra is just rude, the many steps up and down to get to the plane with manual Transportation is difficult. I always thought that if someone stumbles or falls, a lot of people could be seriously injured.”

Advantages:"Arrived safely without a scratch. All the crew were very friendly. Everything was clean. No screens for addicts. I got some sleep before the promotion and sales started on the short flight."

Opposites:“The door was changed after the first assignment. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't almost sat in front of the counter and heard a customer say my flight. I asked someone even closer to the counter if that was the door and I said no. There are no signs at the counter so you really need to look. The gate on the right ended at the opposite end of the airport so I wasted about a drive and a half. The previous flight was delayed so we boarded half an hour late. We were advised to wait another half hour on the track but luckily we were out in less than half that time. There was no shower gel in the bathroom. I unscrewed the bottle (they really save money and the environment there), ran hot water and got the soap I needed".

Advantages:"The crew was friendly, the plane was clean"

Opposites:"The flight was delayed because the previous flight hadn't landed, which happens. But when we got to Stanstead, we waited a long time to get off the plane and the bags in the hold were only released after an hour and a half. after landing no confirmation or excuse for waiting."

Advantages:"cheap tickets almost every hour near airports (by car)"

Opposites:"Very little space for uncomfortable seats and airports are difficult to reach"

Opposites:“Four hours delay in departure from Stansted due to understaffing of contracted ground crew. Terrible."

Advantages:"Nothing! The crew was decent but not great."

Opposites:"Basically everything. Long waits in unstructured lines without warning. Awful seating."

Opposites:"7 Hours Late"

Advantages:"Having arrived home is nothing but enjoying flying."


Advantages:"The service"

Advantages:"staff was good"

Opposites:“Boarding was like a cattle call: cornered in a hot little corner, standing because there were no seats and waiting for over half an hour to board. The seats were tight. No food unless you are used to paying more. $10 for an unhealthy snack. Calling the security card posted behind the seat in front of me "entertainment" is a joke. You don't have to worry about me flying your airline again."

Opposites:“The team had to rush through the announcements and presentations due to time constraints, which made them incomprehensible. The security part was good.”

Opposites:"For the price it was fair"

Opposites:"We didn't have a big suitcase because we had to get home as soon as possible, but when we got on the plane they took our hand luggage and put it in the hold. We told them we had my meds in the basement. " and that he had to be with us, but they said that there was nothing they could do. As we sat down in our seats, we noticed that there was still plenty of room to put our hand luggage. And the more people that came on the plane were carrying carry-on luggage and put it in the overhead compartment. I'm really, really not happy."


Opposites:"Lack of space, old plane, rude crew, only fly Ryanair when there is a big price difference"

Opposites:“There is no way to choose a seat unless you have paid and the plane is not full. The pilot had to land on the runway twice the first time. Water ran from the staff quarters to the end of the aircraft. Herd like cattle on the plain of a hurdle.”

Advantages:"literally nothing"

Opposites:"It was late, nobody apologized or tried to reward him. Ryanair is an uncomfortable flying experience even when it's on time.”

Advantages:"The price was cheap, that's all!"

(Video) How to find CHEAP Flights 2023 | 5 RISKY hacks to try

Opposites:"4 hours late, no explanation. We had to pay for water!"


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