Cheap flights from Boston to Phoenix from €81 - KAYAK (2023)

Disadvantages:"main user"

Disadvantages:"The flight attendants were fantastic!"

benefits:"Well organized and easy check-in."


benefits:"Delayed boarding but compensated for time lost in the air"

Disadvantages:"late boarding"

Disadvantages:"It would be nice if there were no mechanical failures or delays"

benefits:"He was taken aboard immediately"

benefits:"This is the airline"

Disadvantages:"Best Food for Allergy".

benefits:"The crew was fantastic. The pilots were attentive to the children and answered questions. Everyone was very friendly and helpful."

Disadvantages:"They were out of some of their food options (and apologized for that in advance), but they ran out of the others by the time they got halfway through the plane. That was difficult on a five-hour flight that lasted until check-in time. " to have lunch".

Disadvantages:"I wasn't offered a drink in first class before the start."


benefits:"Flight crew was good and boarding was very quick"

Disadvantages:"Security at Terminal 2 at LAX is terrible and inefficient. Also, the plane had a faulty light switch and it took them 1.5 hours to fix it while we were on the plane. That was 1.5 hours late on a 58 minutes flight. :( "

benefits:"Good entertainment options."

Disadvantages:"Only water and coffee available. Flight delayed over an hour."

Disadvantages:"Crew didn't serve drinks or snacks otherwise a nice short flight"

benefits:"N / D"

Disadvantages:"Crew members were very rude and called me an IDIOT! Yes, they did that because they made me go through my carry-on bag and I didn't want them to be racist."

benefits:"Crew was friendly"

Disadvantages:"An hour and a half late, bad communication about the schedule"

benefits:"Happy Flight in the Air"

benefits:"Everything was good"

Disadvantages:"Everything was good"

benefits:"The seat gets a little hard after 14 hours."

Disadvantages:"Food was good but not great"

benefits:"Excellent fast and courteous service."


benefits:"Inflight movies and charging stations at every seat in Delta Gates and every seat on the plane."

Disadvantages:"We originally booked a window seat and an aisle seat, but when they changed our flight, they put us in the window seat and in the middle, which we didn't like."

benefits:"Smooth flight."

Disadvantages:"Tight fit. Little space."

benefits:"The overall service was great."

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed 5 hours."

benefits:"Wonderful staff...very helpful"




benefits:"Everything went very well. The flight was a little delayed, but that's ok and it was a little delayed. I like the side wings on the headrests, they help a lot."

Disadvantages:"Seats are always hard on long flights."

Disadvantages:"Flight was delayed 2 hours - I only sat on the plane for a few hours before I left"

benefits:"The plane arrived on time."

Disadvantages:"My assigned seat was in the last row of the plane when the plane was not full"

benefits:"Great service from the crew!"

Disadvantages:"Took a long time to get on board."

Disadvantages:"Not enough space for luggage at the top"

benefits:“The woman who served us at the gate counter was probably the friendliest and most helpful Delta employee I've ever met. She took me across the passenger boarding bridge and upgraded our seats. I would like to know his name. She has very curly dark blonde hair and is petite."

benefits:"The staff. They were so helpful and polite!"

Disadvantages:"We didn't leave in time"

benefits:"Door staff was great"

Disadvantages:"The plane's cabin crew seemed overwhelmed"

benefits:“Delta flights only operate once and their fleet looks newer than most with comfortable seats. Having free movies in the backseat in front of you is a big plus with a good selection of movies. The snacks are good and the crew is always friendly and helpful. We fly almost exclusively with Delta for the reasons mentioned above."

Disadvantages:“With few exceptions, boarding is a problem, regardless of the airline. You'd think someone could find an efficient way to get people on planes. I suppose it could be the audience that is the problem. No problem with Delta, they have a good airline."

benefits:"Generally very good service"

benefits:"Good people. Very helpful."

Disadvantages:"I LOST MY SCHOLARSHIP IN BOSTON BEFORE THEY LEFT!!!! I didn't make it so I won't extradite her if she makes it to Kathmandu! It's so depressing."


Disadvantages:"No headset offers the useless crew ridiculous rude refreshment"

Disadvantages:"I was stuck on the plane for two hours because the computer systems failed."

benefits:"I was grateful for the early boarding with a child in my arms and very happy with the entertainment options on the TV monitor."

Disadvantages:“The main issue I had was that we were seated in row 34 and the noise of the engines often made it difficult to hear the announcements even with headphones. Maybe consider splitting the audio into zones and boosting it a click or two for the rows behind the engines."

Disadvantages:"Missed our connection. I spent the night in Minneapolis.

Disadvantages:"Jet Airways sucks"

benefits:"First checked bag free, comfortable seats"

Disadvantages:"Wish I had more movie selection"

benefits:"The only flight that was slightly better was the one from Mumbai to Hyderabad."

Disadvantages:“Almost the entire trip, for the following reasons: 1. Online check-in didn't work at all. Delta staff at the Boston airport was not pleasant or welcoming at all. 2. Poor coordination between Delta and Jet Airways - Meal preference was selected pre-flight on the Jet Airways website, but it was not registered correctly, even though the website confirmed to me that everything was ready for the flight from Boston to Amsterdam. The client had to literally starve to death during the flight. 3. The flight attendants and flight attendants on the flight from Boston to Amsterdam were not friendly or polite at all. For all that was asked, your answers."

benefits:“We boarded another plane with air conditioning”

Disadvantages:“Initially, we were put on a plane with a faulty air conditioning system. It took 90 minutes before we finally decided to change planes. Older planes don't have a lot of space under the seat in the island seats."

benefits:"It only took 10 minutes for them to change things up and make up for the delay."

Disadvantages:"Seat pockets were not cleaned."

Disadvantages:"There is no seat assignment until arrival at the gate."

benefits:"The entertainment system worked well and managed to keep my phone charged."

Disadvantages:"It's really tight. They started boarding in lines, but then they gave up. The crew is nice."


Disadvantages:"Booking. Billing. Seat. Flight."

Disadvantages:"The fact that seats cannot be reserved in advance. The marking at the gate is illogical and does not reward passengers who book/check in advance. Furthermore, it creates unnecessary rush at the gate."

benefits:"The crew was friendly and boarding was easy."

Disadvantages:"They didn't offer snacks. They took a long time to pick up the luggage that was checked in at the gate."



benefits:"I arrived alive."

Disadvantages:"No TVs, narrow hallways and my suitcase was lost somewhere between the east and west coasts. Pretty uncompromising and very little information on resort options. Not a good way to end the trip.

benefits:"Boarding was easy and the flight was comfortable."

Disadvantages:“Carry-on baggage charges and a “seat fee”. My flight cost $100 more!”

Disadvantages:"After landing, wait 15 minutes to get off the plane and another 25-30 minutes for luggage, phew!"

benefits:"Excellent price for direct flight"

Disadvantages:"No entertainment, no free snack"

Disadvantages:“I was unable to register online using the Sun Country app because I booked through Kayak. I missed my flight and now I'm flying on hold."

Disadvantages:“We were directed to a baggage claim area and after 15 minutes of waiting we found that all the bags from our flights were on a different conveyor belt. Nobody warned us.

Disadvantages:“I used to love this airline now I only take it when I have to as now they charge us for every little thing go ahead check in online select your seat you don't even get a small pretzel snack buy a snack for 5 times as much what it really costs. No thanks. Never."

Disadvantages:Lots and lots of crumbs everywhere.

Disadvantages:"Dirty plane employees behaved strangely"

Disadvantages:“Narrow seats. I only got a seat shortly before boarding for reasons I didn't understand. There was a crash at launch that sounded like a malfunction, which was scary. However, the crew was fine. "

Disadvantages:"Sem Wi-Fi, sem TV"

benefits:"Easy boarding"

Disadvantages:"I was squeezed into a middle seat between two taller people for three and a half hours. I wish the seat width had been specified when booking. It would have been better."

benefits:"Because I was late, I got a free drink. I ended up having a whole row of seats just so I could sleep."

Disadvantages:"They forgot to go through security, so we had to get off the plane with our luggage, wait and then go back. The departure was already 2-3 hours late."

benefits:"The boarding process was convenient."

Disadvantages:"There was no early check-in available, I changed seats and they only let me know when I gave my boarding pass to the attendant, they changed my reservation to a front row seat in the economy cabin, so the partitions between the seats were hard, which is not it allowed basic comforts to relax during a long flight, the flight was very cold, asked for a blanket and was told there was none, only the breakfast option was disappointing.

benefits:"The only good thing I can say is that the team was very friendly and the ticket price was good."

Disadvantages:"They got on and off late because we were waiting on another plane, so we were late for our connecting flight. No free snacks, just a wifi drink! It's 2017, we need a thing or two. Finally, the plane was very outdated with seats made of cloth and not very roomy and some of the armrests fell off”.

benefits:"Fast and easy flight"


benefits:"I slept on the flight, but my son rented an entertainment system and it was satisfactory. The plane left on time and arrived on time."

Disadvantages:"I was unable to check in on the computer. There was no staff at the gate when we arrived at 4:30am for the 6:35am flight. However, check-in started at 5am, person by person. Later, a second person came to the door."



benefits:"very nice staff"

Disadvantages:"Seats were narrow with very little leg room"

benefits:"The flight was almost full but there were a few spaces. The flight attendants were great. The plane was on time and left on time, arrived early."

Disadvantages:"Nothing I don't like."

benefits:"Not precisely."

Disadvantages:"The seats were full, the crew was a bit rude, the flight was incredibly delayed without giving any reason."

benefits:"Friendly and professional crew. Older plane but everything worked well and we had excellent legroom. Excellent value for money"

Disadvantages:"I don't have any real complaints. I think it's excellent value for money."

benefits:"Arranged boarding. Left on time."

Disadvantages:"No 'free' snacks"

benefits:"The seat was very good compared to other airlines (at the same price). It arrived almost on time."

benefits:"Sun Country was on time and overall a smooth flight. Good price and friendly crew."

Disadvantages:“You have to buy all the food you want. I was sitting in a seat where I couldn't have anything at my feet and I had an emotional support dog, which was an annoyance I didn't expect as I hadn't chosen my seat."

Disadvantages:"The two women working the check-in counter made me pay to check my carry-on bag. I also had a backpack and a carry-on bag, as did the 4 other people I traveled with, but they didn't have to pay for their carry-ons and asked if they wanted to check their bags for free since it was a full flight. I'd rather pay more on Delta where I get better service and amenities."

benefits:"Smooth trip. Got great seats. They were flexible and helped my husband and I get seats next to each other when we couldn't at first when we booked online."

benefits:"We checked in the day before and there were no 'non-preferred' seats available, so we had to pay $15 for preferred seats at check-in even though we didn't want them."



Disadvantages:"Hard to guess, but I'm sorry you ran out of hot sandwiches."

benefits:“I love flying with Sun Country. The staff is friendly, they let you check your small carry-on at the gate which allows me to board faster and not have to worry about a thing. You even get a free drink, which is all you really need; just to stay hydrated."

benefits:"The crew was friendly, the plane was clean and refreshments were offered to refuel."

Disadvantages:"Entertainment and food were only available for purchase and boarding was inefficient."

Disadvantages:“Unexpected traffic from an accident delayed arrival and airport, which combined with long queues resulted in a very tight schedule. The girl in front of me in security also went to my flight so I didn't freak out too much and she kept telling us it was going to happen ok we would make it but they pushed me aside to pay me in security so my partner kept running, they let her on the plane and then closed the door just as I was running. Then the last one was extremely rude to me and he told me it was my fault and everyone else was on time so why couldn't I? When the second gate agent wanted to put me on the new flight, the driver told her she should put me on hold, the agent asked why and said there were seats available, she said do it, wait. And then he smiled at me like he was putting me in my place. I was speechless, I have never dealt with a suncountry employee that was rude. Very disappointed with this experience"

benefits:“The staff and flight crew were extremely helpful. I am disabled and they changed my seat to make it easier for me. They made sure I was comfortable and checked on me several times during the flight. They also arranged wheelchair service before and after my flight."

Disadvantages:"They let us sit on the plane for an hour and a half and it never took off. I had to pay for my bags and go back to another airline."

benefits:"I liked the airfare."

Disadvantages:"I didn't bother with the boarding process. They boarded in the middle, last row 15, and when we got there to put our bags away, our compartment was full. We had to put our bags in the back, getting off the plane was a hassle because we had to wait for everyone to come down so we could get our bags. No drinks were offered."

Disadvantages:"I had to buy ALL the groceries"

benefits:"Was fast"

Disadvantages:"Sears are uncomfortable"

Disadvantages:"30 minutes late and the plane's temperature was too high"

benefits:"I liked the comfort of the flight and the help of the crew to take me to my seat and help me with my luggage."

Disadvantages:"There was nothing to eat that made my life difficult..."

benefits:"The selected airline for the ticket price."

Disadvantages:“I found the crew to be a bit rude and a bit unfriendly. It might have been the time of the flight, early in the morning.”

benefits:“Helpful staff and staff. Seat not very comfortable. Good personal entertainment device.”

benefits:"Easy flight, convenient location, great price, and I loved how easy it was to get through security in an area with only 2-3 lanes, meaning very short lines."

benefits:"Easy boarding"

Disadvantages:"Despite the vents, there was no air. We were at the back of the plane and couldn't hear the Nio pilot's TV during a 3-hour flight. There was no Wi-Fi and the seats were very tight."

benefits:"Boarding was very easy, much less complicated than other airlines. And the price was definitely right."

Disadvantages:"The breakfast sandwich I had was pretty bad. Soggy bread isn't the best.

benefits:"Sun Country had website issues and we got stuck at the bottom of the plane, couldn't check in and kept getting error messages."

benefits:“Headphones, even two-dollar headphones would be good. Some form of in-flight entertainment is always preferable, even though it's a short flight. Perhaps longer reading material could be made available.”

Disadvantages:"There really wasn't anything I didn't like. The staff were extremely friendly, professional and helpful."

benefits:"Barato, na hora"

Disadvantages:"It would have been nice to have the option to use an e-ticket"

benefits:"Everyone we dealt with was really nice and did their best to make the trip enjoyable."

Disadvantages:“The seats are very crowded and uncomfortable. In the row behind me, there were two empty seats and when I tried to sit in one of the empty seats, the person sitting in the row (an attendant without a uniform) told me that I couldn't sit because there were premium seats. option."

benefits:"Nothing. Worst flight I've ever had."

Disadvantages:“We were on track for 3.5 hours and had little communication or apologies. Seats were very uncomfortable. Terrible turmoil. Not even a free soda for all that. I will never fly Allegiant again."

benefits:"Without a seat, it's not comfortable."

Disadvantages:"No leg room."

Disadvantages:"They charged $3 for water, no compliments."

Disadvantages:"Give Free Water"

benefits:"The passengers were well separated, so we were able to socially distance."

Disadvantages:“Not all passengers were wearing masks. During a contagious pandemic. What the hell? Also the tray tables are too small to use for anything and we didn't even get a free drink. Water and soft drinks are so cheap as to be absurd. I would never use Allegiant again if it weren't basically the only airline operating out of my small town's airport."

Disadvantages:"Great price. Wonderful flight. Seats are so narrow my knees touched the entire flight."

Disadvantages:"The temperature in the cabin was a little cold, but not entirely uncomfortable"

benefits:"Boarding was quick and efficient, the plane was really clean."

Disadvantages:"It would be nice if the seat could recline and at least water was served (although snacks and other drinks cost money)."

benefits:"Cheap and straightforward no frills"

benefits:"I arrived well"

Disadvantages:Almost two hours late.


Disadvantages:"Arrive on time"

benefits:"Crew meal. Small seat, little legroom."

Disadvantages:"Flight on time. More leg room."

benefits:"Excellent crew. Good flight on time (early actually). Smooth boarding."

Disadvantages:“Standard no extra complaints. Seating is tolerable but basic with no backrest. No electricity, no in-flight entertainment, etc. They don't even give you a free sip of water which I think is absurd. They gave me a free cup of ice cream... so I guess ice cream + time = free water..."


benefits:“Allegiant knows how to get people back on the plane as quickly as possible. The last flights I took left early and therefore arrived earlier than expected. The crew was friendly. I like the fact that the flights are direct and non-stop."

benefits:“Going on board in Provo is always a pleasure, with no security wait times and a friendly crew. The plane we took was a newer model and is similar to many Fronteir and Economy Delta planes. Unfortunately, this means that even a short hour-long flight leaves a lot of pain."

Disadvantages:“Our trip was very turbulent, either because of the weather, or because of the pilot, I don't know. Anyway, it would have been wonderful to have a free glass of water. I sat for about 20 minutes to thaw out before takeoff."

benefits:"Excellent team and online service..."

Disadvantages:"1- Flight delayed 2- Live customer service representatives are really non-existent until 1.5 hours before 'departure'"

benefits:"Flight punctuality, crew professionalism, prompt assistance to a fainted passenger"

Disadvantages:"Passengers were cold and there were no blankets to offer, no hot drinks and it was very cold. All drinks were for sale but there was no free coffee or hot tea even if you wanted to pay."

Disadvantages:"The seats were a little tight, but I think most are these days."

benefits:"The flight attendant transferred me to a more comfortable seat without my request."

benefits:"Although the flight was delayed more than 2 hours, we managed to get home."

Disadvantages:“It started with constant delays. The flight ended around 8:30 am, although it should have taken off at 5:59 am. After boarding, there were no snacks, no alcoholic beverages, and few options for beverages. The flight attendant grumbled and maintained that he had ruined the entire flight until what to say."

benefits:“The flight was delayed almost 4 hours, but the staff was excellent. From the receptionist to the gate clerk, to the flight attendants and the pilots, everyone was upbeat and helpful.”

Disadvantages:“Just the constant delays, but the mobile alerts were very helpful to avoid arriving at the airport with a delayed flight. As always, the fact that the seats don't recline makes for a more uncomfortable ride.”

Disadvantages:"The Allegiant Crew were very smug and sassy...even bossy, like everyone was having a bad day. The flight itself felt like we were falling out of the sky the whole time. Up and down, up and down. The tables in the back were extremely small."

benefits:"Great airfare, great staff, etc. I can't help it, but the passengers are idiots! I love this place."

Disadvantages:"The seats are uncomfortable: they don't recline, and the springs in the back put pressure on the back."

Disadvantages:"I lost my purse"

Disadvantages:"Tried to apply online but couldn't. Bad app."

benefits:"The flight was on time, the flight attendants were courteous and the flight captain kept us informed."

benefits:"On time and very efficient"

benefits:"New plane!"

Disadvantages:"Come too early!"

benefits:“I chose this flight because I knew it would be a bit cramped and without snacks. But I thought the price was great so I booked it. The unexpected bonus was the crew. She was down to earth and funny."

benefits:“Airplane, guys, they made the best of a bad situation. Seats are fine, but NO airline is really comfortable, so they were good by comparison."

Disadvantages:"The delay, this time not on the part of the airlines, hence the good rating."


Disadvantages:"Both outbound and inbound flights were delayed by just over 5 hours."

Disadvantages:"I purchased flight insurance. I had to cancel within a week due to my mother's health issues. Without her doctor's signature, I was unable to get a refund, which was impossible for me. So... 145 lost. .. rejected. ..."

benefits:“In both directions they were good flights. However, the return flight was delayed. We like to buy some tickets from a lady named Valerie in Des Moines who later also had to get on the plane and kill a drunk lady. She made everything so easy, simple and enjoyable. And we especially enjoyed the treatment we received since my husband is a veteran. Thank you for that."

benefits:"The view through a milky-tinted window."

Disadvantages:"The plane would have been better and lighter if the 4 assistants cleaned it."

benefits:"I arrived well, Tommy Fate"

Disadvantages:"It was very hot loading and unloading. There was no air. The staff were abrupt and not very helpful."

benefits:"Be punctual and team"

Disadvantages:"The chair does not recline"

Disadvantages:"Not to help, but it was a little bumpy."



benefits:"No-frills business travel Good value No hassle Everything on time and efficient. An option when I want extras like luggage, seat reservations, etc. Comfort at the airport"

benefits:“The flight crew was very friendly”

Disadvantages:"The security team let me through security twice and left my girlfriend and 15-month-old daughter while they searched her bag."

benefits:"The flight attendants were very friendly."

benefits:"We've had kids who were lured to Disney and caused all sorts of problems. Usually colleagues are upset, each and every one of them was very polite. I thought the staff/team was very good. Other than that, the flight was fine, a little late , but everything went well."

Disadvantages:"First Allegiant flight so didn't know about the 40-pound baggage limit. It caused a headache at the last minute check-in."

benefits:"I liked the friendliness of the staff and how everything was done on time."

Disadvantages:"The plane was an hour late."

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed 8 hours"

benefits:"Sit down quickly with the seniors first."

Disadvantages:"Small seats that don't recline."

benefits:“Some of the crew were VERY rude. I felt uncomfortable and will never fly through them again."

Disadvantages:"Late, late, late and with little to no communication!"

Disadvantages:"First time at Frontier, not a bad experience, although some of the amenities are not available. But the price is good if you don't need the frills."

Disadvantages:"They need bigger tray tables!"

benefits:"The flight arrived on time."

Disadvantages:"The seats were very tight."

benefits:"I arrived 30 minutes early"

benefits:“The flight was on time, I got my assigned seat on arrival and a seat in the exit row. The perfect choice for a "shuttle" flight from COS to PHX.”

benefits:“Airfare was cheap and no frills. If I hadn't brought my own food, snacks and drinks, I would have starved to death in the four and a half hour flight."

Disadvantages:“You pay a lot for luggage and that explains why airfare was so expensive. There were no free snacks and the only free drink was ice water on a four and a half hour flight."

benefits:"Easy registration"

benefits:"The staff was nice."

Disadvantages:“My flight to Orlando was delayed an hour because the computer had to be restarted. My flight back to Phoenix was an hour and a half late, so we had to wait 15 minutes for a gate when we landed."

benefits:"It was a pretty quick flight"

Disadvantages:"I didn't like that Priceline was involved in my purchase. I didn't want to use Priceline because I couldn't select my seat at the time of purchase or pay for checked baggage. I will use a kayak again”.

benefits:"The plane was clean and looked quite new. It appears to have more legroom than usual."

Disadvantages:"Can they give you a soda on a 3+ hour flight? Terrible having to pay for a soda"

benefits:"I like the non-stop flight and the staff was very friendly and smiling."

Disadvantages:"The price of snacks and drinks. And I had to pay for a carry-on bag"

benefits:"Fast shipping and fair service"

Disadvantages:"Nothing super awesome to say, but no real complaints either!"

Disadvantages:"I can't believe you have to pay $40 for Carryon!"

Disadvantages:“First I had to go down because of sewer problems that took several hours to resolve. This caused problems with my rental car. Then a $45 bag fee each way on a two hour flight that costs $160. This is ridiculous, what's the point of flying over the border when it's a complete rip off and they want to charge you for the coke. complete joke. total dilatants.

benefits:"The flight attendants were very kind and reassuring as it was my first time flying and I was scared."

Disadvantages:“Departure staff was rude! There was no entertainment.

benefits:"The crew were wonderful. They had a fun sense of humor and made flying a joy. This was my third Frontier flight in 6 months, I will continue to fly, they have affordable fares..."

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed an hour. I think it's ridiculous to charge customers for water."

benefits:"Fast Shipment"

Disadvantages:"Checked bags were $40 each way and everything was extra. No drinks, etc."


Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed 4 and a half hours. That's because they were waiting for another plane to arrive due to mechanical problems. The seats on the plane are narrow, with no legroom. Your flight attendant is nothing special".

Disadvantages:"EVERYTHING is an add-on! The ticket price may be cheaper on the price check... but if you add all the add-ons, your ticket price is NOT the best price. I will no longer fly Frontier ."

Disadvantages:"The baggage fees were extortionate. BUT that wasn't the worst. I landed in Phx just before midnight and walked to get my checked bags. It took almost 2 hours for the bags to leave the carousel. There were no Frontier staff to help. The Sky Harbor staff recommended we call the Frontier line and several passengers did. It wasn't just our flight, the Frontier flight that landed an hour before us was still waiting and didn't pick up their bags until 90 minutes later "This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The high baggage fees only added to the damage."


Disadvantages:"The whole experience and on top of that they lost my bag. I didn't get my bag in Phoenix, they said it was in Denver. 6 other passengers had the same problem with their bags. It was a terrible flight."

benefits:"I arrived safely in Phoenix."

Disadvantages:"The lady next to me. She was snoring."

Disadvantages:"They called me to book and the agent booked my return trip. They wouldn't fully refund me unless I rebooked at that point, so they only paid half of what I needed in 90 days."

benefits:"Pleasant and helpful service."

Disadvantages:"Full seats."

benefits:"staff was nice"

Disadvantages:“Charging passengers extra for carry-on luggage and specific seats is ridiculous. Most of the plane was empty, meaning I could easily change seats (it would have cost $11 more) once everyone was on the plane. There really is no purpose behind the additional fees and it detracts from the experience."

benefits:"Flight time. The previous TSA flight was fine."

Disadvantages:“I knew they charged for everything like choosing my seats, checking my bags and moving on. I didn't know the only free thing was a glass of water. I checked N/A for food because there was nothing free and no entertainment. The worst part was that I wasn't allowed to get up to go to the bathroom during a little turmoil. The flight attendant did not allow my wife to go to the bathroom and was very rude. I've never heard that from any other airline."

Disadvantages:“It's time for Kayak et al. start posting prices with included extras in advance. It seems like I should be able to say what luggage and extras I want (aisle seat) before I search, and then having prices reflect the fine print is a waste of time and benefits the airlines, not the customers."

benefits:"Thank God the flight was short!"

Disadvantages:"Almost everything. The initial purchase of airline tickets was a deal breaker in my opinion. But this airline kills you. We had to pay to check a bag. We had to pay for a soda. Only water is what we had for the inconvenience itself." Pay for the seats we sit on. It would have been cheaper to fly with other airlines. I would never fly across the border again."

Disadvantages:“Frontier will charge EVERYTHING. You can't even take a free bag or drink on the plane. I will not fly with them again."

benefits:“That they were waiting for a plane to board and take passengers who were already booked. Between the holidays and bad weather, that was the ticket."


Disadvantages:"Flight canceled due to 'weather'"

benefits:"Nothing, the plane never arrived."

Disadvantages:“When you feel like arriving at the airport at 5 am and then walking around in circles for 12 hours only to be told at the end of the day that the flight was canceled due to too many customers and they ask for a refund…feel free to fly Frontier. They delayed the flight hour after hour, making us excited all day. Never fly Frontier. Book with Kayak but not Frontier unless you spend a whole day at the airport. They have ZERO loyalty to their customers and don't believe for a second that they will accommodate you for the value of the return flight to book another flight the next day. They'll refund the $160 cost three months in advance, but that $320 next-day ticket is on you."

benefits:"I really like cheap prices and direct flights to certain destinations."

Disadvantages:“I don't like the fact that they charge extra for your luggage at the gate. I also think Frontier should at least serve snacks and a free drink."

Disadvantages:“And train employees better. Your charges are very unusual and the PHX team did not inform me of the charges, but on the way back, the Seattle team was very rude in their response. They were also rude to other people on my flight who got caught, I'm not aware of the outlandish accusations."

benefits:"Finally Coming Home"

Disadvantages:"Staff was helpful"

benefits:"The flight itself wasn't bad..."

Disadvantages:"Random things happened: we all got in and were about to go back when they told us to go to the police to check our luggage. Return flight: 1.5 hours late (10:15 flight from Portland, Oregon)"

benefits:"Aren't I paying for a seat when I check in? Aren't you paying for a carry-on bag? Aren't you paying for a glass of water? Or peanuts? Wow."

Disadvantages:"Look above."

Disadvantages:"He was 20 minutes late."

benefits:"Flight delayed 3 hours. 4 pilots waiting. They make us wait inside, no air conditioning. Too hot"


Disadvantages:“For some reason the staff didn't open the gate for 5 minutes after we parked. After landing, it took 1:10 minutes for the baggage to begin descending. There was nobody at the airport who could tell us why this happened."

benefits:"The flight was good and I left on time."

Disadvantages:"What I didn't like was the fact that when I left Phoenix at the border, I didn't realize I had to pay $60 for an overhead compartment until I was about to board the plane. That's when they announced it and there were a lot of surprised passengers.

benefits:"People were very friendly. The starting price was the lowest to fly."

Disadvantages:“They charged one carry-on bag, one checked bag and onboard seat selection fees. None of this information is available prior to purchasing a ticket. Next time I'll fly southwest."

Disadvantages:“The plane door closed early and when we got to the boarding gate in Atlanta the stewardess was very rude and didn't want to help us with the diversion. Along the way, we finally flew with American. After our return flight, we will no longer use the border. "

benefits:"The team were excellent. Tickets were well priced."

Disadvantages:"Pay for the carry-on. Pay for the seats. The seats were like sitting on bleachers. They don't recline. There's no room for your arms. Anything else? Oh yeah, you pay for your drinks. Even water."

benefits:"It was good value for money. We boarded on time, but left a little late."

Disadvantages:“Stay strong in those new seats. For some reason, our line got cut when the drinks cart passed. I don't like paying for drinks on a flight I already paid a few hundred dollars for. But I would. I would like a glass of ice water."

benefits:"I found it very quick to get in and the seats were comfortable and felt spacious."

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed an hour. The check-in counter was crowded, the queue was full."

benefits:“The crew was friendly from what I saw of them. I tried to sleep during the flight so the time would go by faster."

Disadvantages:“I've flown the border before and this is not what I remember. Looks like they remodeled the interior of the plane. However, not for the comfort of their customers. The seats were like vinyl covered plastic bucket seats. Extremely thin padding on the floor Sitting on the pillow I bought for my neck 4 hours of nonstop flying and 2 weeks later my tailbone is still uncomfortable No headrest and SEATS WILL NOT UP! Luckily I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and forced myself to sleep through the flight to get through. No entertainment to speak of and the tray to put your drink on couldn't be more than 5 inches deep. The lady next to me couldn't turn off her computer, boarding was slow because they didn't make it clear to passengers that their hand luggage was being charged. at the door! Since we bought our tickets months ago, we should have had a free grandparent. We ended up paying a total of $70 to check one bag online and one at the counter. Disappointed with Frontier as we fly Delta here with no bag prices. Frontier got the last of my hard-earned $$$. Now that I know how smart Frontier got, I'm going to spend the extra money on a more expensive, CONVENIENT airline."

benefits:"The crew is very friendly. The ticket and gate agents are helpful if they're a little stressed."

Disadvantages:"The seats are tight and uncomfortable. The plane was dirty on this leg of my trip - I didn't want to put my bag under the seat because of the dirty carpet. A piece of window trim fell off during boarding - maintenance took 40 minutes to arrive , take the roll of tape and adjust the temperature - the flight was delayed by over 1 hour in total."

Disadvantages:"Poor website, difficult access for check-in, fixed and uncomfortable seat. The advertised low fares seem more misleading when you start adding additional fees for baggage and seat assignment."

Disadvantages:“We were on the plane one (planned) hour before takeoff.

benefits:"The flight left on time and arrived earlier than expected. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful."

Disadvantages:"Very narrow seats. Good for short flights but very uncomfortable for longer flights. $3.00 for a glass of water!"

benefits:“The crew was friendly and helpful. The environment was such that I could read when I wanted to read and rest when I wanted to rest.”

Disadvantages:“I missed not having a flight tracker. Other than that, I really can't think of anything negative."

Disadvantages:"Out of Water"

benefits:"Mostly waiting."

Disadvantages:"Delayed flight but no notice. Had to check online."

benefits:"Great for anyone who just wants to get from A to B - hassle free!"

Disadvantages:"You have to pay for carry-on luggage."

benefits:"The crew was polite"

Disadvantages:“Except for the crew, literally everything was below average. It stopped me from spirit flying again. Seats were very uncomfortable and did not recline.”

benefits:"Absolutely nothing"

Disadvantages:“Who will pick you up on a domestic flight if you haven't already checked in 2 hours before? Spirit, that's who. The saying is true, you get what you pay for. We paid with Geist for a scam. Apparently they have weird surveillance, if you don't check in at the airport 2 hours before your flight you can't fly. Nobody brought this policy to our attention, and Ghost even doubled down on claims that my person had no contact information to alert us while actively receiving messages from them. He did nothing to help us. Pay more elsewhere. It will save you in the long run."

Disadvantages:"The fact that Spirit wouldn't let me on my flight or refund me or put me on another flight unless I paid a $99 fee."

benefits:"it was on time"

Disadvantages:"Very poor seating selection - felt like sardines in a can"

Disadvantages:“I drove to the airport 35 minutes before departure with no luggage. I was told that airline policy is a 45 minute cutoff which is why they didn't give me a boarding pass. I asked about alternative arrangements. They said they can give me a ticket for a flight 48 hours later. They also said they don't partner with other airlines and therefore can't help. I bought a ticket from another airline and left a few hours later. The team told me this is an everyday thing, the policies are fine, but the team should offer workarounds.”


Disadvantages:“The flight was delayed 2.5 hours, so we had to wait in the terminal area at Boston Logan International Airport, which is under construction. This meant Spirits was two doors down from the terminal's restaurants and shops. The trash The trash cans were overflowing, the restroom cleaning truck was parked in the entrance to the women's restroom, and the airline's front desk was filthy. The staff walked around ignoring the tired and frustrated waiting passengers.”

Disadvantages:"The flight was delayed 3 hours and there is no seat in security, too full"

benefits:"I liked how easy the boarding process was. The crew was very courteous. It was an easy and smooth flight."

Disadvantages:“I'm 1.70 m tall and I barely have a few inches left between my knees and the back of the front seat. Not very comfortable, but my flight was only 2 hours, so it was doable.”

benefits:“We found Spirit to be a good airline and the best deal. Everything was in order."

benefits:"Excellent air service"

Disadvantages:“Amazing kayaking service. Very bad website design.”

Disadvantages:"No More Flying Ghost"

benefits:"Not bad but could have been so much better"

Disadvantages:“The flight was delayed three times, from 9 am to 2:30 pm and they still couldn't guarantee the departure, I had to reschedule the entire trip. It cost me about an extra $100 and the loss of a day."

benefits:"Nothing About Sorry"

Disadvantages:"I didn't like the fact that I had to pay out of pocket for my service and have the worst customer service experience of my life, again."

benefits:“The plane was clean and in good condition. The crew was professional. The flight was punctual and early.”

Disadvantages:“This was my first Spirit flight and I will avoid flying Spirit again. Lots of surprises with the extra costs like seat fees, baggage fees (especially the 40lb checked bag limit which was new to me), extra fees for not completing tasks online. It's just a hassle trying to keep up with the next fare imposed on the passenger. No more!"

benefits:"Clean planes. People didn't carry big and oversized suitcases. Space in the overhead bin didn't matter when they boarded."

Disadvantages:"Little legroom. Little room to work with a laptop or small computer. Pay for everything separately."

benefits:"it was enough"

Disadvantages:"Baggage will be charged at check-in."


Disadvantages:“I showed up 45 minutes before my flight (Uber driver got lost, nk). The kiosks weren't working so I had to queue for 10 minutes and then was told it was too late to check in for my flight. The customer service staff were rude and the only option was a return flight the next day. Never fly Spirit again."

benefits:“The flight from Myrtle to Boston was on time and landed 15 minutes early. My friend and I could sit next to each other and we had privacy. New super comfortable seats and space to stretch out.”

Disadvantages:“Our flight from Boston to Myrtle was delayed an hour and a half because a crew member was running late. Very irresponsible. We were all exhausted and some people had connecting flights that they might have missed. The crew talked a lot with each other and I missed a few passenger orders. I think the stewardess said it was a Chicago crew. The $50 bag fee is a bit much. I thought the old policy was fairer. I like Spirit for its accessibility, which no longer exists."

Disadvantages:"I hate the phantom model and I hate that the regular airlines are throwing it away. Also, they don't pad the seats enough, which is uncomfortable on a 5 hour flight. The flight was fully booked, so I was late, but they added a FULL HOUR on the arrival time so it arrived "before time".

benefits:"The plane was more spacious than expected. The flight attendants were great and we got there early."

Disadvantages:"The Spirit terminal inside the security zone in Boston Logan is horrible, a small area with basically a cafeteria. The tiny men's room had a urinal and a snake."

benefits:"My flight was canceled after being delayed for more than 5 hours. I called the airline and still haven't received a refund, coupon or anything unprofessional or no response."

benefits:“This flight has been delayed four times. The staff said the plane was 2 minutes away, but they changed their minds about which destination they would be boarding. The terminal is a zoo. All staff were rude, unhelpful and yelling at customers.”

benefits:"3 delays still waiting at the gate. I will never fly Ghost again!"

Disadvantages:"Flight from Phoenix was delayed. Takeoffs and landings were erratic."

Disadvantages:“The original flight was canceled and this caused me to miss work. Loss of money at work due to lost hours. I would not recommend Spirit to anyone.”

benefits:"Cheap price, I thought. Alive, there were doubts this would happen."

Disadvantages:"Difficult online check-in Felt like a nickel Uncomfortable seats Difficult landings"

benefits:"Spirit is the worst airline. Totally inefficient. I will never fly again"

Disadvantages:"Spirit is the worst airline. Totally inefficient. I will never fly again"

benefits:"Security check-in was easy"

Disadvantages:“The baggage check instructions were not clear and the representative informed me that he would let me go this time, but would charge me much more in the future. I paid for baggage control. My ticket says gate B37, but the plane was loaded at gate B38. I didn't hear any instructions to check luggage, even though it was where it was supposed to be. I have to judge if I'm saving money and if the fuss is worth saving a few bucks."

Disadvantages:"No leg room. They didn't even offer me water."

benefits:"You steal money."

Disadvantages:"Why do I have to pay for a carry-on bag and it's more expensive than the other bag on top of that?"

benefits:"Compared to other airlines, nothing stood out positively."

Disadvantages:“The flight was delayed and this seems to be very common with this airline. We had a 5 hour flight and there was no free food. The seats were very uncomfortable, making it difficult to sleep during an overnight flight. The extra fees for hand luggage are absurd. I never want to fly the Spirit again."

Disadvantages:"Pay everything? This is nonsense.

Disadvantages:"Don't Fly Spirit Again"

benefits:"The flight attendants! They were fun and very helpful."

Disadvantages:"The plane smelled like someone had pooped in their pants the whole trip. Buying a soda and paying for carry-on luggage are expenses I wasn't prepared for. It would have been cheaper for me to fly with another airline. It was too." too tight, it felt like the person next to me and in front of me was on top of me."

benefits:"Shorter than expected flight, pleasant service and drinks served promptly"

Disadvantages:"Flight was $99, 1 checked bag and seats cost was $200."

Disadvantages:"When we arrived at the airport, the flight was listed on the boarding board at the airport as being one hour late. This information was never updated, although in fact the departure was delayed by almost two hours. No Spirit staff was present at the gate or any other place another person in the boarding area to explain or answer questions, and no information was posted at the gate. When the passengers boarded and the plane was about to take off, the pilot gave a brief explanation, adequate, but too late to know that the Spirit is a low-cost airline, but keeping passengers informed of the status of a seriously delayed flight is an essential service that wouldn't cost much.

Disadvantages:“I would never fly with this airline again. I like to think I'm a pretty reasonable person when it comes to customer service, last minute changes, and the like. Check-in was not a problem. Our flight was already delayed so I was prepared for a longer wait. While I was sitting there, the flight was delayed twice more. Okay, not a big deal, but when customers asked why attendees couldn't tell us. When asked what general time we would board, people were told "if the captain gives us the go-ahead". We finally boarded almost 4 hours later when the delay was only 2 hours. The plane was fine, but the attendants were far from nice. I was fine with no tv, luggage prices and all because I knew that beforehand, but the way the staff acted was absolutely disgusting. After finally reaching Chicago When I arrived, I waited for my luggage for almost 45 minutes. In the car to notify them of the delay, they replied that the Spirit had been stuck all day. Why? Nobody really knew. On the way back from Chicago to Boston, the flight was supposed to board at 1:09 pm. m. The airport was very busy, so I didn't get through security until around 1:40 am. m. I ran to the gate only to see that they weren't on board yet. No updates on their website about the delay and nothing was sent to my email. We only boarded around 2 pm and then we had to wait another 30 minutes on the plane because one of the attendants was late. So it is now about 2:45 am and we are finally taking off, originally scheduled for 1:54 pm, without customers having been informed of the delay. No one explained the delay and no one knew when we would be leaving. Some people tried calling the airline to voice their concerns and they abruptly hung up. The least Spirit could have done was listen to their concerns and apologize. I will NEVER, EVER fly with this airline and I suggest you don't either."

benefits:"Not much of anything"

Disadvantages:"All the Spirit fights I've done have been delayed, which has had a huge impact on my travels. The first one caused my family to miss an entire day in Miami after the flight was delayed twice. Yesterday my flight was delayed by over two hours due to crew issues I understand weather issues but actions must be taken if it is the airline's sole fault I witnessed a desperate passenger trying to get help when he realized his medicine had been left behind daughter on the plane after they got off the plane . The gate agents were nice to him, but not helpful at all. They called a supervisor, who appeared with a lollipop in his mouth. So unprofessional. I could go on, but I won't. This is a low-cost airline with seemingly lower fares than its competitors, but remember to consider all fares before purchasing your ticket, the price will likely be close to another airline's price aerial."

Disadvantages:"Fucking airline."

Disadvantages:"Late and exorbitant baggage fees, no drink or snack service, general logistical incompetence."

benefits:"It was all on schedule."

Disadvantages:"Be Nickel Dided for all services."

Disadvantages:“I had to figure out how to check my bags days in advance so I wouldn't pay an insane amount when I arrived. I wasn't allowed to take it for free. Be sure to print your boarding pass a day in advance or you will be charged for it! Flying on branded airlines ends up costing the same, if not less."


What airline has the cheapest flights right now? ›

Top 10 Cheapest Airlines
RankAirlineCost per Mile
1.Spirit Airlines$0.209
2.Frontier Airlines$0.225
3.Hawaiian Airlines$0.257
4. (T)Allegiant Air$0.322
6 more rows
Jun 16, 2021

How can I get a cheap ASAP flight? ›

How to book last minute cheap flights?
  1. Flexibility is the key to getting cheap last minute flights. ...
  2. Be flexible with your departure and return dates.
  3. Look out for flash sales.
  4. Be open to travel in the middle of the week.
  5. Use flight comparison sites.
  6. Set up price alerts.
  7. Be willing to travel really late or really early.

Where is the cheapest place I can fly right now? ›

The US Destinations with the Most Cheap Flights in 2022
  1. The Hawaiian islands. Deals sent Dec 2021-May 2022: 125.
  2. New York metropolitan area, New York. ...
  3. Greater Los Angeles, California. ...
  4. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ...
  5. San Francisco Bay Area, California. ...
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada. ...
  7. Washington, DC. ...
  8. Boston, Massachusetts. ...
Jan 19, 2023

Who flies non stop from Boston to Phoenix? ›

Which airlines fly nonstop between Boston and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport? All the following airlines operate direct flights between Boston and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport: American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Aer Lingus, Qatar Airways, and TAP AIR PORTUGAL.

What is the cheapest day to fly? ›

Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is the cheapest day to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, these will likely be the best days to fly – both for a lower cost and a less-hectic airport experience.

What airline is offering $49 flights? ›

10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) today launches its seasonal fare sale through Jan. 12, 2023, offering fares as low as $49 one-way for travel taking place Jan. 31, 2023, through May 17, 2023.

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