Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (2023)

Balcony Staterooms and Suites are popular stateroom categories. The allure of the sea breeze and private outdoor space draw many when booking a cruise, and Carnival offers guests many great options to choose from.

A wide range of suites with even more indoor and outdoor space, plus a host of amenities and benefits many cruisers love, make the choice even more difficult.

How do you choose between them? What is best for you and your family, and perhaps most importantly, your wallet?


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (1)

We delve into Carnival's balconies and suites to explore the differences and what you need to know when trying to choose between them.

what to consider


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (2)

A porch is considered a must by many, but the amount of additional space and utility you need depends largely on personal preference and budget.

With 22 ships in service and more on the way, Carnival has a large fleet with a variety of suite and balcony options. Some are a bit roomier; others are the size of luxury apartments.

Some things to consider when comparing balcony staterooms and suites are price, stateroom and balcony size,including services, the number of bathrooms, separate living room, themes and access to exclusive areas on board.

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Balcony Stateroom Overview


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Carnival offers a variety of balcony stateroom options among its eight staterooms.ship Classes,with newer ships in its Excel class, offering exciting new cabin layouts for modern cruising.

The patios of these staterooms include a private space with two chairs and a table. Inside, guests will find two single beds that can be combined to make a king-size bed. Staterooms also have their own sitting area with TV and desk/dressing table. There is a wardrobe with drawers/compartments and a safe for valuables. Like all cabins, the rooms have a small fridge, air conditioning and bathrobes on request.

Passengers can also expect a private bathroom and shower with basic toiletries such as shampoo, soap, and a hairdryer. last balconycabins on fat tuesdaythey even have glass-enclosed showers, which are much more spacious than on other ships.

Balcony Staterooms vary in size and are not necessarily larger than Inside or Ocean View Staterooms; However, you have extra space on the terrace. With the proliferation of these types of staterooms, it's easier to find the location you want compared to less common categories like Ocean View staterooms..

Balcony cabin categories


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (4)

There are several variations of balcony staterooms in Carnival's fleet of 22 ships, which will continue to grow with the introduction ofcarnival sweepsand Luminosa next month. With over 15 categories of Balcony Staterooms, Balcony Staterooms range in size and price. Some of the most common options are:

  • The Standard Balcony Stateroom with an interior area of ​​approximately 185 square feet and a 40 square foot sundeck.
  • The Junior Balcony has the same balcony size as a standard room, but a little less interior space.
  • The Cove Balcony is closer to the waterline and gives guests the feeling of actually sailing. However, they have a more enclosed patio.
  • The Extended Balcony, as the name suggests, has a larger balcony. An excellent option for those who enjoy the tranquility of their private outdoor space.
  • Extended balcony with premium views to the front or back. This gives passengers a unique view of what's in front of or behind the ship. Please note that some front-facing rooms have partially obstructed views.

When looking at prices for a popular seven-day Eastern Caribbean itinerary in March 2023 at Mardi Gras, prices vary by a few hundred dollars between balcony stateroom categories. A Junior Balcony costs $2,316 for two guests, including tax, while an Extended Balcony with Private View costs $2,572.



Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (5)
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Carnival offers several suite options that offer additional perks and amenities. Larger staterooms, additional bedrooms, larger decks, plus a host of other amenities, including:

  • Priority check-in, boarding and disembarkation
  • Priority dinner reservations and time allocation for the main dining room
  • Two large bottles of complimentary water.
  • Carafes Throw Pillow
  • bathrobes

One of the most common types of suites, Ocean Suites have larger staterooms for relaxing. Updated bathrooms with soaking tubs and premium toiletries add to the luxurious feel. They vary in size, but can offer an additional 50% increase in interior living, as well as a larger balcony and larger closet.

Junior Suites are a great entry level to this higher category, with a little more space depending on the ship, plus perks like preferential dining, embarkation, and disembarkation.

The Grand Suite is one level above the Standard Suite and can be found on ships like thecarnival visionand it's even bigger with a cabin size of around 350 square feet and an extended sundeck. Cruisers enjoy a large en-suite bathroom with shower, jetted tub, dual vanities, walk-in closet/dressing room with vanity, and a sitting area with sofa and coffee table..

Suites can cost thousands of dollars per person, depending on the schedule of the trip/route, and sell out quickly due to the limited number of ships.

Carnaval Excel Suites


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (6)

Carnival Introduces New Ship Class Like Mardi GrasNivel premium de suites, with top-tier benefits including:

  • Free access to Loft 19
  • Dedicated concierge phone line
  • Guaranteed time allotment for the main dining room
  • Guaranteed reservations at most specialty restaurants when booked 24 hours in advance
  • Glass of sparkling wine and fruit upon arrival
  • Bottomless Bubble Soda Pack
  • free room service
  • Enhanced care products
  • Free movies on demand
  • free laundry service

Loft 19 is a private retreat with lounge chairs and an infinity Jacuzzi. Suite guests enjoy free access to Loft 19 and priority cabin reservations.


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Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (7)

There are a few different cabin offerings in the Excel category, including:

  • Carnival Excel Suite features amenities such as a large stateroom, upgraded bathroom with larger shower and double sinks, dining area, two televisions and lounge chairs on the porch, and a table.
  • Another spacious suite, the Carnival Excel Corner Suite features a wrap-around porch and in-stateroom wet bar.
  • A Carnival Excel Aft Suite is a fantastic option with a wrap-around balcony, private Jacuzzi, dining area, sofa bed and sun loungers, plus spacious interiors with separate sleeping and living areas.
  • The Carnival Excel Presidential Suite is the ultimate cruising stateroom with separate living and sleeping areas, two televisions, walk-in closet, sectional sofa, dining area, and of course, a wet bar. everything from chaise lounges to loveseats, rocking chairs, a chaise lounge, and outdoor dining table, you won't want to leave.

Cabins and special suites

In addition to balcony staterooms and suites, some Carnival ships have specialty staterooms. They stand out for their amazing themes and designs and additional benefits. A great feature of these themed rooms is that they have balcony and suite options and are suitable for a variety of budgets.

Cabins and suites in Havana


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (8)

These cabins are Cuban-inspired and colorfully decorated. All guests in these staterooms must be at least 12 years old and have exclusive access to the Havana Bar and pool. Large outdoor areas and terraces with hammocks add to the resort feel. Bathroom.

Other advantages are:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Zeitzuweisung priority main dining room
  • Priority disembarkation in all ports
  • Two large bottles of water
  • Pillow-Top-Matratze
  • bathrobes

These premium staterooms are available on Carnival Celebration, Carnival Horizon, Mardi Gras, Carnival Panorama, and Carnival Vista.

The features are:

  • Havana Cabana's staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and an open-air terrace with lounge chairs.
  • The Havana Cabana Corner Suite is more spacious and has a separate living room and bedroom, each with a TV, sofa, and walk-in closet. Outside, guests can enjoy a private balcony with a rocking chair.
  • The Havana Cabana Suite also offers plenty of space and a luxurious sitting area with sun loungers and a rocking chair, as well as a luxurious rain shower.

Camarotes y suites Cloud 9 Spa


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (9)

ForFor a zen experience, Carnival offers its signature Cloud 9 staterooms and suites. Staterooms focus on a calm and relaxing environment, with calming decor and amenities like Elemis toiletries and spa-brand robes and slippers. Benefits included:

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  • Priority Spa Reservations
  • free gym classes
  • Unlimited access to thermal suites
  • Exclusive discounts on treatments during port days.
  • Unlimited use of the hydrotherapy pool (for boats that have one)

These staterooms and suites are available in Carnival Breeze, Carnival Celebration, Carnival Dream, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Jubilee, Carnival Luminosa, Carnival Magic, Mardi Gras., Carnival Panorama, Carnival Radiance, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Sunshine, and Carnival Vista.

Cloud 9 Cabin Options:

  • Cloud 9 spa counter with Cloud 9 benefits.
  • Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony closer to the waterline than most rooms for ultimate relaxation.
  • Cloud 9 Spa Extended Balcony Forward View, featuring a large forward-facing balcony with the same view as the Captain's
  • Cloud 9 Spa Suite offers more in-room amenities, including two windows and a large balcony, sitting area with sofa and coffee table, walk-in closet, and larger bathroom with shower, whirlpool tub, and double vanities.

Harbor Family Staterooms & Suites


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (10)

The nautical-themed staterooms are specially designed for families and offer a number of unique benefits. Centrally located in the Family Harbor Lounge, guests in these staterooms will enjoy:

  • breakfast,
  • snacks all day
  • Activities like board games, family movies, video games and more.
  • Kids eat free at most specialty restaurants on board
  • One free night of Night Owls babysitting,

These staterooms are available on Carnival Celebration, Carnival Horizon, Mardi Gras, Carnival Panorama, and Carnival Vista.


Carnival suite x balcony: what's the difference? (11)

Cabin options include:

The Family Harbor Balcony offers all the benefits of a standard balcony stateroom with the added benefits of the Family Harbor area.

Additionally, there are Cove Balcony and Extended Aft-View Balcony options.

The Family Harbor Ocean View Suite sleeps up to five guests and features a separate bedroom and living room with a TV inputall. In addition, there is a dressing room and a practical bathroom and separate laundry room.

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